Best crab in Houston

Produced by jcostiones based on an original idea by Lambowner. Screenplay by a motley cast of regulars with maybe a guest star or two, if we’re lucky. Directed by whomever.

I agree with Lambsy about El Tiempo. I started with the crab quesadillas, graduated to the nachos, and post grad with the crab enchiladas.

I think the lack of crabs in restaurants can be attributed to the crawfish craze and most of the big ones being sent to Bawlimore (Baltimore.)

Really fresh crabs need to be caught at the coast or bought there and cooked at home. The Asian markets are reliable. I scored some nice ones at 99 Ranch Market Blalock last fall. Sometimes they have lethargic ones but if you ask they’ll bring out a bunch live and kickin’.

El Tiempo does a mean crab, I haven’t found better. I hope to celebrate Cinco there today. I mourn the crab claws and Churrasco’s because the butter sauce and soft yucca patty in the middle are so crazy good, but the freshness hasn’t been there in a while.

For soft shells the Crabby Daddy bao at Fat Bao is terrific.

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Benno’s on the Seawall Galveston has several types of fresh crabs. I’ve been going since the mid 80’s and all I’ve had are the Cajun crabs fried in spicy seasonings, they’re that good. They can be overcooked at times so if they’re dry and stringy send them back.

The blackened oysters are a must have every time.

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And today I did. Great stuffed crab quesadilla with cheese, bacon and some veg in there. Ultra fresh.

Tomorrow on actual Cinco de Mayo compadres want to go to Teotihuacan Cafe. Easier for you to say than me, so I’ll stick with Teo. May or may not make it depending on the schedule. Not as good as El Tiempo and of course nothing beats Lopez in Stafford for Tex-Mex in general.