Best choice for Hibachi Monmouth county

My daughter is taking a few of her friends out for Hibachi to celebrate her birthday. I don’t really go out for Hibachi, but I suggested Kanji. I was wondering if there were any other good choices nearby. Freehold would be perfect, but we will drive 30 mins or so.


@seal, It’s been ages since we’ve done hibachi. The places we used to go to in Lakewood and Middletown are no longer in business.

Kyoto Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse is in a stand alone building on Route 9 North, in Marlboro. It’s been there for many years. If we wanted to do hibachi now, we’d certainly try it especially since it’s so convenient for us.

Wishing your daughter a very “Happy Birthday!”

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Osaka at the Station in Bradley Beach used to do Hibachi, but I’m not sure if they still do…

I have a 6 yr old and we did hibachi for his birthday the last couple years. We did it once in Mahzu in Freehold and once in Ariang at Sayreville (not Monmouth but close enough). The food is what it is but I do think the Ariang is a little bit better by not drowning everything in soy sauce.

seal - I’m partial to Ichiban in Ocean Twsp. and have been going there since it opened back in 2001. That being said, I haven’t found much difference in food quality and preparation in most Japanese/Hibachi restaurants throughout the county. What separates them is the quality of the service and the sushi offerings. Good luck and happy birthday to your daughter.

Thanks for all the suggestions. We are not allowed to join the girls for dinner so I cannot report back afterwards, but I appreciate the feedback.

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I do Hibachi maybe once every year or two now so it’s hard for me to say with any authority…but like gut said, there doesn’t really seem to be a huge difference between different places, the biggest difference in your experience will be the chef you draw…some times you get ones that really aren’t ready for table service. LOL

Having said that my pick has been Ichiban for Hibachi, based purely on portion size. At least the lunch portion anyway. It’s huge.

I have only had hibachi there once, but Shogun legend in wall actually has bone-in ribeye which is unique. I dont think any other places that I know of do ribeye this way. I dont recall it being outrageous but I am definitely a fan of the tastier/fattier ribeye over filet. I will say the venue is quite nice so you will pay a little extra for that.

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