Best cheapo party snacks at Trader Joe's?

I’m having an army of hungry teachers over after work for a little party. It’s BYOB, but I want to have some food. I’m thinking things like tortilla chips and salsa, grapes, cherry tomatoes, baguettes with salami and a couple of cheeses, maybe some quesadillas. Any other things from Trader Joe’s that would be cheap and festive? Thanks!

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They pack a decent number of stuffed grape leaves inside a tin. Very festive party finger food if you enjoy them. Near the olives.

Their cheese and cracker choices makes for endless combos so you’re safe there.

A couple of flatbread pizzas can be cut into squares. Makes quick work for a group.

I love tater tots with fun dips for a party! Perfect nostalgia food for a school group.

The mini chicken-cilantro wontons are quite good pan fried and served with dipping sauce!


Hummus quartet, lb plus chocolate bar, nuts, dried fruit, pretzels.

Cold things - cheese (honey chèvre, manchego, unexpected cheddar, brie) with crackers, dips (spinach/kale, zhoug, hummus, harissa) with pita chips.

Hot things - chicken dumplings (pan-fried), frozen falafel, mini taquitos, frozen spanakopita, any of the flavored chicken sausages cut up into chunks.

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They have dried Apples slices about $3 per bag, and you might want to check out their mini cupcakes…

Their mini tacos are fun and a lot come in a box (26 oz). May be easier than making quesadillas.

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The honey butter potato chips make Lay’s seem like dog kibble. Also delish, and far healthier even though they are ever–so-slightly sweet, are the 12-grain crackers. The caramelized onion cheddar goes over well. A friend bakes up the Tarte d’Alsace and cuts it into thin slices as finger food at parties.

We often get the spanakopita or variations of it that TJ’s carries.

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Look for the more interesting salsas they sell, like the corn salsa, or the tomatillo salsa. Oh! There’s a frozen spinach artichoke dip that people rave about, that could be good with the baguette slices or some pita chips

+1 for buying a few of the frozen flatbreads, and cut into bite sized squares/rectangles

You could really build out a cheese board with the baguette slices, some spiced nuts, crackers, red and green grapes, sliced apples (slice and stack/fan so most are touching ea other to avoid browning), plums, the fig jam…

For quesadillas you’re probably best saving money making them, assemble ahead, keep in the fridge and then bake several at a time on a sheet pan in a single layer. The half corn half flour smaller tortillas TJs has would work great

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