Best Cheap Blanco Tequila?

With Summer on its way in it is once again time for refreshingly delicious Mexican fare… including MARGARITAS!!!

Now my sole use for tequila is blended Margaritas (fresh lime - sometimes orange, triple sec, and lots of ice), so spending a lot on a Blanco tequila has never seemed all that necessary.

So what’s your vote for the best cheap Blanco?

If you have access to Costco their Kirkland silver is a great value and very good.


Thanks, unfortunately I don’t have access to Costco, plus their silver did not rate high on Tasting Table.

Last year I tried el Jimador and Hornitos which are rated higher, but neither impressed me.

Based on that TT list, I am considering Espolòn as I can usually find a 1.75L bottle for under 40 bucks. Anybody tried it?

Hmmmm. I’m not a tequila aficionado by any means and only mix it in margaritas and bloody marias, so I go for price I guess. Now that I’ve seen that review I DO recall tasting lots of alcohol with it. Have to check out some others. Just hate spending much more to mix it.


Me too. I am almost embarrassed to admit I have used Cuervo Silver to do margaritas. While it is not even real tequila, they have some tricks (sugar cane, etc.) that works pretty well in a blended margarita. Just looking for something better, and what I’ve tried so far has been disappointing.

My brother luvs tequila, does it straight, and I have spent hundreds sending him fine Anejos and Cristalinos for birthdays/holidays… but they’re way over the top for a margarita, maria, or sunrise… hence this post. (c;

Milagro Silver is my go-to for margaritas. Total Wine has it for $20.

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My favorite was Olmeca Altos but they raised the price so much my liquor store quite stocking it. I switched to Camarena, California price should be around $36 for a 1.75L.

Wild Common Blanco Still Strength

$70 for 750ml is “cheap”??

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I mix cocktails with Lunazul.

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We bought up many of these the last time we were in CA. A real investment, but so worth it and oh, so smooth!

I have, it’s nice. Plus I really like the shape of the bottle (I know, I’m a glass nerd)

Not sure what the price is over there, but here it’s 40 euro a bottle. Good stuff!

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I don’t remember what I paid for this bottle, but now it appears to be between $13-$16. Every once in a while I feel like a shot of tequila, so I keep some in the house.

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I can not afford to much Patron but it is the only tequila I have tried that made the top half of this list. And it was good but not great.
But it seems that I drink bad tequila when I drink tequila. Probably why I drink so little of it…
I never liked Jose, but I have drunk a few shots from Sauza, Jimador, Hornitos and 1800 occcasionally, but only the 1800 was a decent shot. Not sure which type of 1800 though. I only thought there was one.

I recently got the 1.75 liter Kirkland silver from Costco for cocktails. Strangely they had 2 different versions, one in a more squat bottle and one in a taller bottle that was about $5 more, but I couldn’t tell from the labels what the difference was between the two.