Best cantonese restaurant in Millbrae /SFO area

Looking for dinner recommendations… TIA!

Picked up my visitor at SFO, who needed to get to Marin. To avoid a 30 minute (according to google maps) traffic delay at the Golden gate bridge, we ended up taking a route across the Bay bridge and then the Richmond bridge. Stopped at Hong Kong East Ocean in Emeryville. The 2 dishes we ordered were disappointing (an overcooked beef brisket in broth, nothing like the version at R&G, and a black cod clay pot that was almost entirely tofu with hardly any black cod.)

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Another recent disappointment was Daimo in Richmond (99 ranch mall). Dry pork belly, dry sea bass. No discernable shrimp inside the pan fried shrimp chive dumpling. Takeout food boxed up in unwaxed cardboard boxes, like egg crate cardboard, small pieces sticking to the food when removing it. Place was relatively deserted compared to the neighboring restaurants, and now I know why.

Daimo seemed to fluctuate between full house and pretty deserted periodically over the years. They seem to stick around though.

The banquet Cantonese chefs seem to do their shuffle regularly. Curious where the good ones are currently, Millbrae or somewhere else.

So sorry that I didn’t see it until now. Too bad that Hong Kong East Ocean didn’t work out for you. I heard it is considered pretty good, but I haven’t been there for a long time. Daimo same thing. I used to love Daimo, but the last time I was there was ~15 years ago. I don’t think Daimo was meant to be a high-end restaurant. It was very much a common food restaurant back then. Very popular back then though.

Around Millbrae, I have tried Tai Wu and I think it is fine. I haven’t tried the Kitchen, but heard good things about it.

Too late for your visitor. If there’s only one visitor, and there isn’t enough people to eat fancier Cantonese, how about Fat Wong for Cantonese comfort food like noodle?

For fancier Cantonese, there is always Koi Palace if you are able to detour a bit away from Millbrae and if the visitor is demanding. Can get $$$ though if seafood is desired though. Just keep in mind their soup of the day (price not on menu) is ~$70. Inquire before ordering.

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Enjoyed the Fat Wong’s duck noodle soup and roast pork noodle soup. Also tried the beef chow fun in satay sauce but would probably not order that again