Best Cantonese in SF Chinatown?

Okay, it’s been years since I’ve tried to do anything approximating a nice Hong Kong-style seafood dinner in Chinatown. It’s usually in the East/South Bay nowadays. But I have friends coming into town and Chinatown-ish is probably the most convenient on a weeknight. Any new recommendations? I’ve never been that enamored with Great Eastern or R&G but can certainly fall back on one of them if there’s no alternative.

If you’re looking for something a bit different from R&G, try the chiu chow style sea bass, spicy prawn w/ lily bulb, housemade tofu w/ crabmeat, mee pok noodle w/ clam, etc. at Hakkasan (a few blocks from chinatown). You can start with some of their dimsum items such as crispy prawn in filo or sticky rice.

+++Hakkasan if it fits budget and geography. Also Lai Hong Lounge on Powell north of Broadway.

Where did you go?