Best Boston Creme Donut in Los Angeles?

Need to know.

Who makes the best Boston Creme Donut in Los Angeles (OC included).

Not a big donut fan, but need for a very dear friend.

Thank you.



Dunno if it is the same, but the Bavarian Cream donut at Oliboli is good.

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Close but not quite.

Aside from the fact that Bavarian cream is thicker and more dense (or custard like) than Boston creme, the Bavarian cream donut at Oliboli (while very good) is cream topped, not cream filled.


Hi @ipsedixit ,

I am not a Boston Creme Donut expert, but we liked the one from Cream Pan in Tustin. You know their filling is very light and delicate. :slight_smile:

Good call.
Will have to try.

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Insane how Cream Pan and Oliboli are minutes away from each other. Another 10 minute drive will get you to Paderia and ST Patisserie.

God bless the soul that can eat from all 4.


…and now I know there’s a difference between “Boston Creme” and “Bavarian Creme” in the world of donuts, so I definitely won’t be plugging my all-time favorite Donut Man since I think theirs is more the “Bavarian” variety…


And Afters Ice Cream is probably less than a 5 minute drive away from Oliboli.

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Big fan of Donut Man in Glendora’s version. I think it’s called a Bismarck there. Not too sweet.


I really like the version at Kettle Glazed. They fill it a la minute.