Best authentic Asian restaurants in Fort Lee area?

I shop at Mitsuwa in Edgewater often, taking the ride from Westchester County, NY, just north of NYC. I’ve heard that the Fort Lee area has some great Asian restaurants, and I went to a few many decades ago, like last millennium. What are the best places to go to these days? Thanks.

This thread has some good intel:

And @tommy liked Shanghai Restaurant in Fort Lee… there’s a post about it on

Vietnamese? Thai? Regional Chinese?

Fort Lee should have some of the best Korean restaurants around. I am not an expert in the area.

The thread I referenced above is about Korean. The place Tommy likes is Chinese.

Vietnamese? Thai? Regional Chinese?

Fort Lee is mainly a Korean and Japanese destination. Other stuff is starting to pop up but not as significant. I would recommend checking Yelp - I generally only stick with Korean and Japanese in the area since I have access to everything else closer to home. So I don’t really have any recs outside of that.

But I do have some “regional” Chinese recs I didn’t talk about in the Fort Lee thread

NJ has finally figured out hot pot and they are popping up more now. Due to the population mix of the area, we have a hot pot place that operates with a Korean/Japanese influence and is worth checking out:

This place is a Malay joint that also does hot pot, haven’t been personally.

Onto other “regional” Chinese cooking, they have a couple of northern Chinese style lamb BBQ places that are run by Korean Chinese immigrants but is also very Chinese at the same time. There are only 3 places like this in all of NJ that I’m aware of, and a ton of fun if you’re an adventurous eater. Pro tip: Bring plenty of beer.

There are a bunch of Korean Chinese places too, but none that I can recommend strongly over any of the others.

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