Best 25 restaurants in NOLA (according to the NYT)


Nice list. I realize Cafe du Monde is not a typical restaurant, but I still think it has to be mentioned.

Also interesting that Herbsaint is not listed, but they cant list every Link place.

Good to see Saba instead of Shaya

Impossible task if anyone asks us. The omissions are painful, Galatoire’s, for example. But then, you can’t exclude Commander’s, launching pad of Messrs. Prudhomme and Lagassee, speaking of whom:

Decades back, we had work in Southwest Louisiana over a pretty length stretch. Our hosts were well connected to the restaurant trade and scene in Lafayette and New Orleans. Our Oppelousas guy who also commuted occasionally to New Orleans where he kept a place, apparently knew from the start about Emeril’s and implored us to try it. Finally made it, and who should be working the pass plating with homemade Worcestershire. Then we found our way to Commander’s completely in the dark about his background. Good thing we didn’t know about the legendary 25 cent martinis . . . gotta find the fine print at bottom of menu . . .

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Haven’t been to New Orleans in about 25 years, but I still remember my first beignet and chicory.

Although for me, Café Du Monde stands out for another reason; Japan used to have a bunch of them; I think one was near or in Kyoto station.

Back on topic, I’ve read that there’s a neat Cajun Vietnamese thang going on with shrimp and bánh mì. Maybe that’s old news? I really don’t know the food scene, besides a brilliant coupla po’ boys at a place called Liuzza’s, and delicious turtle soup at Commander’s Palace.

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I tried the shrimp bánh mì. This sandwich is made with a crispy baguette that is filled with Cajun shrimp, pickled vegetables, and aioli. The shrimp are typically seasoned with a variety of Cajun spices, such as cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.


Mosca’s has always been a personal favorite. Glad to see it’s still on point.

I’m glad to see Dooky Chase in the list. I ate there back in 1985 during a visit for a conference. I had no idea about its history, especially during the civil rights movement. I learned about the history in time to be dismayed at seeing George W. Bush on TV eating there, after Katrina.

Where did you try it?

Van Loi Bakery in San Francisco