Best "10" Burgers in Southwest CT

Every year I eat and rate tons of burgers and on an annual basis I publish my favorites on CTbites. This year, 13 burgers received a perfect “10” rating for the bun-to-bun experience and then they were ranked by the overall plate, which includes the fries or the chips.

For 2016 Match, in South Norwalk was the Winner as the best burger. It was spectacular, and the fries that accompanied the burger were equal.

Here is my list from 1-13 of the Best “10” Burgers in SW CT. For a full review of each go to…

1 - Match (South Norwalk)
2 - The Cottage (Westport)
3 - South End (New Canaan)
4 - Harlan Social (Stamford) / Harlan Publick (South Norwalk)
5 - elm (New Canaan)
6 - Mill Street Bar + Table (Greenwich)
7 - Uncorked (New Canaan)
8 - Bailey’s Backyard (Ridgefield)
9 - Hapa Food Truck (Usually Stamford)
10 - The Whelk (Westport)
11 - Fleisher’s Craft Kitchen (Westport)
12 - The Spread (South Norwalk)
13 - The National (Greenwich)

Would love to know what others enjoy.

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Thank you, jfood, for this.

I know it’s outside of your area,but finally splurged (definitely the most expensive burger I’ve had) and went to 5 napkin in Ridge Hill, sorry to say- it was the best burger I’ve had. Perfectly cooked (medium rare- throughout) great meat,dripping. Pimento burger- pimento cheese honkin huge hunk of onion,crisp bacon and pickled jalapenos. Only disappointment,fries were cooked and seasoned perfectly,but very thin so by the time they came ,they were already only luke-warm and cooled quickly. The bun held up (mostly) but the burger does live up to the name of the place and did become an (enjoyable) mess. Burger was thick enough that with the toppings could eat either bottom of burger and bun or top with toppings-hard to bite thru the entire bun n burger

Sounds yummy. I need to find one a bit closer - unless I do Costco first!!

jfood, how does the burger at The Ginger Man rate on your burger hunt. Also, we always enjoyed the Tex-Mex style burger at Boxcar Cantina…

My notes from my visit to the Gingerman in Greenwich.

I ordered the Gingerman Burger medium rare w bacon american and caramelized onions; The meat had no seasoning whatsoever, pretty good bacon. Caramelized onions were soft and flavorful. Cooked to med rare. Fries were nicely done. Good texture.

Overall a basic bar burger.

5 napkins receives pretty good press. there is one near my daughter in NYC that i told her we need to try.

thanks for the recommendation.