Bernie's Burger Bus - Katy TX

So, as per Lambowner’s suggestion, checked out Bernie’s Burger Bus at their location across the parking lot from Trader Joe’s out here in Katy.

I was sorta excited because of some good reviews and their incessant claims that they’re “Old School” - which is so easy to say, but not so easy to live up to.

I am old, and I did go to school, and I ate a lot of burgers “back in the day,” so I consider myself something of an expert. Had this place actually opened back in the day across the street from my old school, I don’t think it would have lasted long.

But I could be mistaken, since I often completely underestimate our American fondness for having to have absolutely everything sweet.

Because, inexplicably to me, this is a sweet burger. And what’s even worse is that it’s something they’re proud of.

I’m not really much of a fan of cheeseburgers. It’s odd, I know. I love cheese and I love hamburgers but not particularly at the same time. I think it’s got lots to do with the fact that I really really adore the flavors of a plain classic hamburger - good bread, excellent meat, fresh crunchy veggies. The cheese, to me, sort of gets in the way. So, one of BBB’s main claims to fame - assorted cheeses - doesn’t affect me, therefore, can’t comment on that.

The hamburger patty was really good - moist, juicy, flavorful. The veggies were indeed cool and crisp. God I wanted to love this thing.

But the bread… At first, I couldn’t figure out the problem The bread seemed mushy; the texture unpleasant. And, as I ate, I realized it was sweet. Like Hawaiian bread. Which I like very much with butter and coffee in the morning. But on hamburgers? Was I right? Was that what it was?

I called over the manager to inquire. “Well, yes,” he said. “It’s not the Hawaiian brand, but it’s very similar - sweet - isn’t it good?”

Sorry, not to me.

So here’s what I don’t get. They make a big show of all of the variety they offer - every sort of topping imaginable, wide assortment of cheeses, onions fresh and crunchy or grilled…it goes on and on. So why on earth can’t they offer a choice of a decent bread bun? How hard would that be? Do you want a sweet breakfast roll burger, or would you like a nice bread with a good crumb? Or whole wheat? Or sourdough? Or any goddammthing that isn’t sweet?

I did ask if they offer non-sweet choices, and was told that they do not. So, unless the person with whom I spoke was mistaken, that’s all you get. Sweet.

I hate sweet hamburgers. I won’t go back.


Oh my! Well that’s good to know! I guess was the meat quality?

People undoubtedly are commenting favorably on the meat quality. And, like I said, seems as though many (if not most; I hope not most) folks like those sweet hamburger buns.

I just really really don’t.

And, like I said, do not understand why they can’t offer a different option for the bread when they’ve got several dozen options from which to choose when it comes to other aspects as to how one likes one’s burger.



Seems like just a plain ole (good) had roll would have done the trick…

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Absolutely. So easy. Don’t understand why they don’t have such an obvious and simple choice.

I haven’t been to Bernie’s in a couple of years I guess. There was a time I thought it was one of the best burgers in town but I just don’t eat burgers that much anymore and just don’t care that much. I can be satisfied with something simpler. Never been to one of the brick and mortar places.

Only one time did I have a full-sized burger, the first time, and actually I wasn’t that impressed. Every other time I had the sliders - the full sized burgers are just too big for me.

I don’t remember the buns being sweet but it wouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did you. I have been surprised at myself sometimes, enjoying sweetness in a dish where I didn’t expect it. I know I’ve had hot dogs in Hawaiian rolls and liked them.

I had a cheeseburger at Pappy’s last week for the first time in years and it’s served on a Sheila Partin bun. I recognized it immediately for it’s sweetness.

I like them but they’re just a bit too fragile to hold up well against a half pound of medium rare cow with all the fixins including jalapenos.

In case I haven’t mentioned it since my forced exile from Chowhounds, I love Pappy’s. Good variety, good quality, reasonable prices and Fran, the mother of all waitresses. Well, at least a few of them. :wink:

I know TxRedTop loves those burgers, but I couldn’t handle them for the same reasons you mention.

I had forgotten all about Sheila Partin. I guess they might be available in your part of town but I never see them around here. I think I may have bought some at Georgia’s Market on I-10 but I had encountered them years earlier at the Rodeo. This perhaps goes back to the 80s. She had a stand there selling - ta da - hamburgers on her buns. They were smallish, one-handed size as I recall, so no problems with falling apart. I looked forward to them every year.