Bermuda wedding cakes

Silver & gold
A friend(mother of the bride) is seeking to get these 2 wedding cakes that are traditional in Bermuda and is having no luck. She has contacted bakers in the area (CT ) with no interest. Do any HOs have any ideas to help her? :pray:

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The cakes are just covered with sheets of edible gold and silver leaf. You can find them on line. Look for a baker willing to work with them.

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Bermuda Cedar Sprig Cake Topper – Traditionally, couples top their wedding cake with a Bermuda cedar sprig, suitable for planting—taking their wedding cedar from cake to earth.

Image by Gavin Howarth Photography

Gold- and Silver-Leaf Cakes – Traditional Bermuda wedding cakes include the bride’s cake and the groom’s cake are very different and serve different purposes. The groom’s cake is a single tier of plain pound cake, made in a large, round cake tin. The cake is covered in boiled icing and gold leaf, symbolizing that the groom is the breadwinner and provider, presenting his new wife with all his worldly goods. The bride’s cake is a three-tiered fruitcake, symbolizing faithfulness and fertility. It is covered in silver leaf (although today silver leaves are also common). The three tiers serve individual purposes: the top tier holds the cedar sprig, the second is doused in black rum to preserve it and is served at the christening of the couple’s first child, and the third tier is cut and served to wedding guests.



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Very interesting. Thank you for posting.