Bermuda - Grotto Bay area

Hi, We’ll be taking a family trip to Bermuda in July, staying at the Grotto Bay in the Eastern Parish. We’ll likely get out and about so all recommendations are appreciated, but we’d especially like to know of really good places near our hotel. I know that the Swizzle Inn is near us; is that good food-wise? I don’t eat red meat, but aside from that we’re pretty open in terms of price and type of food. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

@LulusMom I’m curious where you ended up eating while you were in Bermuda. I know it was a while ago but I would still love to know!

We’ve been 3 times now (most recently last month). We usually end up eating at The Swizzle Inn - it’s right up the hill from the hotel where we stay, and it’s a fun place. The food is not special, but it isn’t bad for pub grub. The big find for us has been Devil’s Isle in Hamilton. Not at all stuffy or touristy, and the food is really good.

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Thank you! We will try to check those out. I’ve heard about both so they are already on the list.

After staying home because of the pandemic, we’ll be heading back to Bermuda in November. Anything new to recommend? We’d become fans of Village Pantry, usually go there a couple times each trip. We like easy, relaxed places with good food. Thanks in advance for any tips.