Berlin Eatz Summer 2022 [Berlin, Germany]

2 of my favourite things!

The triangles we have here are buttery and addictive. Try them next time.

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Lunch. Whole mackerel grilled over charcoal from our favorite fish griller at a market near us.


Forgot to ask in the other thread, what’s the green sauce next to the seaweed? Just standard Grüne/Kräuter Soße (herb sauce)?

Some sort of herby, creamy concoction Jürgen puts together. I don’t think Grüne Soße has cream or yogurt in it (?).

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According to Rewe it does contain some kind of dairy product.

I eat it with all kinds of things

I’ll ask him next time we’re at his stand. He’s from Franken, not Hessen, so who knows what the regional Franconian take on it is. It’s delicious, fo sho :yum:

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Does he also sell Drei im Weckla? Only have to cook on a different grill next to the fish.

Franken opens the German beer floodgate and all things German for me so.

Nope, he only does fish.

Intriguing. Are fish grilling spots a thing in Berlin (and maybe all of Germany too)? Sounds wonderful to me.

The Steckerlfisch is mostly a Southern German thing I believe --popular in Bavaria, perhaps bc the weather tends to be nicer in the south? The North is more known for smoking, curing, and pickling fish (I mean – I love it all and any way, so bring it on).

As for Berlin proper, most fish grilling restaurants are in Turkish hands. This guy is from Franken (in the south) originally & sets up his stand at 3 different markets throughout the week :slight_smile:


Forgot we picked up these lil mofos at the market, too: vanilla and pistachio almond balls. Delightful, and not too sweet.


I’m curious about a possible Frankish green sauce . All the Grie Soß/ Grüner Soße recipes I’m seeing online are from Hessen . There are some vegan recipe, but still based on the Frankfurt/ Hessen style. I’m going to check my Bavarian cookbook.

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The Thai park has changed quite a bit since 2019. The sprawling, haphazard ‘aisles’ with many booths have been reduced & and condensed to 2.5 aisles that were absolutely packed with people.

It’s gained in popularity over the last 10 years or so – no doubt it’s mentioned in tourist guides everywhere these days, but practically cutting 2/3 of the booths didn’t exactly improve the situash, with some lines stretching around and past other booths, which made it almost impossible to see what is all on offer. In the future we will have to show up earlier than we did today.

Having said that, it’s still by far the best Thai food I’ve had outside of Thailand, and certainly in Berlin. Unfortunately, my favorite soup lady seems to not have made the cut, but there were two other soup stands. It was good, but not as good as the one I’m used to. Grabbed very good, freshly prepared laab ped at a booth that surprisingly wasn’t overrun.

Nice afternoon in the sun, concluded by a visit to a local ice cream chain, as one of their branches is just around the corner from us. Got the mango/passionfruit, caramelized walnut, and cinnamon. Fantastic, all three of them, great texture, not too sweet.

Now to figure out WFD… #firstworldproblems :wink:


Lots of Schwein dishes. Busy area.

Crazy hot today and everyone was outside here, too. I hid inside my cool house and drank beer, Riesling and ate Strammer Max.


Fabulous ice cream at the very popular Hokey Pokey. We walked the half hour to make up for the indulgence :wink:

Sicilian pistachio (the best outside of Italy) and marzipan / donut peach with Riesling and orange. Fantastic.


That’s awesome Rocky Road is available. My mom tried translating Heavenly Hash (similar to Rocky Road) into German for our relatives back in 1999, when they had an electronic translator, before smart phones, and Heavenly Hash doesn’t translate to mean chocolate with nuts and marshmallow.

I’d be trying the passionfruit, we can’t get that in London,
Ontario. We have a few places with interesting flavours in Toronto (Hong Kong Milk Tea, Torta della Nonna!).

It’s interesting how many US flavors have made it over here. I blame the ever-present US culture (don’t get me started on how it’s impacted the language) and influx of Americans living in Berlin.


Go visit to the sticks for a few days? My relatives near Halle and Neubrandenburg’s tastes and language are relatively American-free! Except for the fact they want apple pie every day, when they visit Canada. I serve them a nice German breakfast when they visit. LOL.

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Neapolitan-style pizze at our favorite pizza parlor in town, run by Italian punks. I thought they were a lil skimpy this time with the veggies on my pizza, but it’s still one of the best I’ve found outside of Italy. Ortolana (zukes, eggplant, usually peppers 🤔🥺, bufflo mozz), Saporito (radicchio, pecorino picante, salsiccia), and Picantissima (sharp provolone, spicy salami, extra funghi). Their chili oil is 💣


Henne Alt Berliner Wirtshaus has been around for over 100 years. It serves fantastic fried 1/2 chickens, along with your choice of tater or krautsalat (that’s cole slaw for you anglos :wink: ), and fab Bavarian landbier in big steins.

It’s a personal favorite, and we usually visit more than once during our stays in Berlin. I cannot recommend it enough.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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