Berkeley Hotel F&B, Asbury Park

Today’s APP has an article behind the paywall about the Manzo brothers taking over the F&B and entertainment spaces at the Berkeley. I figured I’d share some of the details here:

"But the (Manzo) brothers are all in, and their newest additions – Cenzo, a coffee shop, and Rewind Pizzarama, a pizzeria, opened Friday. These follow the quiet fall opening of Bang Bang, an Asian-inspired gastro pub, and a pop-up from Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in New York City, and precede the introduction of Johnny and June, a lounge and event space dedicated to Johnny Cash, who once invested in what was then known as The Berkeley Carteret Oceanfront Hotel.

He (Albie) and Chris are calling on a lifetime in the hospitality industry – their family owns The Brownstone in Paterson – and on television (their mother is Caroline Manzo of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and both brothers appeared on the show), to bring their vision to life.

Cenzo is a coffee bar and breakfast, dessert and grab-and-go spot, which shares space with Rewind Pizzarama where (Chef Peter) Fischbach is making 12-inch Roman flatbreads called pinsas.

Next is Bang Bang, where “we took a pub menu and applied different (Asian cuisines) and just made fun, funky food,” Fischbach said. Think wings with sambal aioli and pickled carrots, bahn mi and beef bulgogi burgers, sweet and sour mushroom tacos, and Kobe strip steak with yuzu butter.""

A quick Google finds that Chef Peter Fischbach has a long Monmouth/Ocean history, so I’m wondering if any of you HOs know him/his food. His resume includes:
Owner of Good Stuff Catering/Toms River
Exec Chef/Owner of Cask 591/Long Branch
Joe & Maggies Bistro/Long Branch
Exec Chef at The Metropolitan Cafe Bar & Grill/Freehold

As a full-time resident of AP, I can honestly say that while I had heard about the Patsy’s pop-up, I don’t personally know anyone who went. I haven’t heard a word about Bang Bang being open until I read this article, but I know they’ve taken a big bite overall. I’ll be curious to see what sticks, as the hotel has seemingly been a place to stay, but not a place to hang for the 5+ years I’ve been living here.


Well I was kinda excited about it, but now…???


who keeps giving those two $$ to open spots, hoping to capitalize on their fleeting moment of fame or their dad’s connections in food and beverage? Every spot I’ve heard them involved in has gone down in flames and /or been an utter disaster…they were limited to north jersey and mainly Hoboken, but now they’re migrating down to our area…

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I guess it’s a better idea than that strip club car wash one of them thought up years ago. Said it was his dream business. That never came to be.

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I mean do we know if that’s NOT part of the deal with the vote?


meant with the hotel, autocorrected to that somehow?

They say talking to ones self is the first sign…just sayin’

wait till I start disagreeing, then it’s really time to call it quits…

Some friends went to Patsys last weekend and I left a voicemail for him to see how it was. Will let you know when I hear back from him

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I saw these two tools in the Asbury Park Press yesterday. (( :face_vomiting:)) I’m a pretty big Johnny Cash fan, so I will go to check that out, but it’s really going to irk me to support them.


So Michael Jackson was supposed to open a “ museum “ around the time of Johnny Cash’s involvement in AP why not something about him? Seems appropriate. I will check out the new offerings at Berkeley but I’m the guy that watches NASCAR for the crashes .


Well since you mention it I remember an article a few years ago about some storage lockers he owned locally that were going to be auctioned due to his estate not paying the fee’s. Dare I say he had the original Tillie in a storage locker or am I confusing stories?

I hope you have fun, but I assume this joint will go down in a figurative ring of fire? (too much??)


MORE please🔥

Not 100% sure but I believe it was all Jackson memorabilia & local guy got it.
Pretty sure no Tillie


Yeah, I haven’t heard that one (in 5+ years of living here)!

The Michael Jackson one is fact ,there’s pictures floating around with him & Johnny Cash on the boardwalk, might be on a wall in the Wonder Bar. The Tillie in his locker not so much.
Before I got sick ( 4 years ago) I was involved in AP . Lots of great times & stories.I loved the darker AP today’s version not so much.

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I’m 99% sure that Tillie (the original) was preserved in a storage locker/facility somewhere in the area. I just confused the two stories when you brought up the Michael Jackson museum memory I combined the two stories.