Bep Viet in Falls Church - Report

The single most important thing to know at Bep Viet is that the most righteous banh mi in the history of the DC area is back.

The folks who ran the legendary Banh Ta in Eden Center (and subsequently Little Viet Garden) are at it again. For now, the selection of banh mi is limited to grilled pork and lemongrass chicken. So I will have to wait for their succulent meatballs and spicy sardines for a later date. But the grilled pork is on a whole 'nother level of eating. It’s as if I was discovering banh mi for the first time.

Also, I have them add a fried egg to the sandwich. which I adore

Expect to pay twice as much for this banh mi as any other. But it is five times as good.

They do have a full menu here, and of course you can’t go wrong with grilled pork anything. Also stuffed grape leaves with a nice char to them. I will have to work my way through other choices, but I do remember their bun bo hue as being a success.

Interesting side note: the proprietress, Elaine, said that in Vietnam, the bread for banh mi is superior to what you can get here, but her customers say her filling is better.


Thanks for the update. Bep Viet has become one of our go-to restaurants (we’ve eaten there maybe a half-dozen times). The food is excellent and it is a much more relaxing place to eat than anywhere in Eden Center.

But I had no idea that their banh mi was anything special.

Any other recs at Bep Viet?

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The two you mention are both good, as is the beef stew and especially the outstanding seafood crepe. I’m not sure of the name but the pork belly bun (as in bao, not rice noodles) is another favorite.