Bento Boxes, Chirashi Bowls in Boston

Reading on some other boards it looks like that in some cities (LA, SF) really good, elaborated bento boxes and chirashi bowls have become part of the take-out routine of good japenese restaurants and sushi bars. Do we have anything comparable in Boston ?

Cafe Sushi

Everybody and his brother have Chirashi, don’t know about “elaborate” bento boxes.

Maybe if everyone has chirashi, a helpful post would be a list of your top 3 favorite chirashi places.


I’m not at all familiar with what’s going in in CA, are the chirashi bowls any different than what normal takeout of the ubiquitous chirashi entree would be? I posted a couple of weeks ago about Sakayana market in Newton, which is doing a kind of build-your-own chirashi-style bowl. As I noted over there, the slicing wasn’t really up to par with what you’d get from a decent sushi bar, but the fish itself was excellent, and priced right. And it’s novel, because you often don’t have any choice in what type of fish goes on chirashi entrees.

Not really a direct answer, but my local sushi places (in Quincy and surrounding areas) that are delivering are offering their full menus. This includes bento boxes and chirashi items on their original menu, so I’m assuming that’s the case for other sushi places that have dipped their toe into the delivery option too. I haven’t tried those items, but the sushi delivery certainly was fine.

If you are close enough to this vicinity, Fuji (the original, smaller Hancock St location – not the modern, more widespread version that’s proliferated to Assembly Sq and the likes) is delivering and is probably the best option in my neighborhood, IMO. Not so fond of the other Asian fusion places.

Since they are owned by the same owner, the bigger, more modern Fuji restaurant chains (in Quincy, the one in Quincy Center) also offers delivery. Their menu is a mish-mash of all things Asian. Grubhub consistently lists a ridiculous delivery time of 90mins+ so I don’t ever bother with them (plus they’re more expensive, and not necessarily better quality, IMO).

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Nothing wrong with such chirashi bowls but this time I am more interested in higher quality products. Here are some examples

Cafe Sushi looks interesting

Those look amazing, would love to have that available locally.

Those picture are gorgeous. Sadly, I don’t think we have many sushi and Japanese restaurants of that caliber period – let alone a takeout or delivery version of that. We’ve had little tastes of that here and there (still sad about Kamakura…) but generally our sushi is far lagging from the West Coast and even NYC.


momi nonmi has also been doing some pretty great omakase and bentos to go. They were doing an all toro tasting menu a few weeks back, decadent and delicious.


yeah, the Cafe Sushi bento is pretty good.