Bent Spoon Princeton

I’m trying to stay away from sugar so I’ll take their word for it.

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Though we’ve been to the Bent Spoon, and their ice cream is excellent, we haven’t sampled anywhere near enough ice cream around the globe to be able to judge if it’s “among the world’s best.” I think the ice cream at Thomas Sweet in Princeton ranks highly. And I remember the ice cream we had at famous Berthillon in Paris many years ago as being sensational. So, a definite contender.

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Well considering it’s Thrillist, while I am sure it’s good, it’s fan voted, so not exactly a taste test going on

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So, I don’t know what they based this on. Maybe The Bent Spoon is very active in charity work. Perhaps they source all their milk from a single, local cow. All I can judge on is taste.

So I took my visiting parents here. Here they are out front enjoying some ice cream and trying to remember what flavor they ordered:

This is good ice cream. Did it make me forget about going back to Rome and trying to find that hidden shop somewhere behind the Trevi fountain for cantelope gelato? No. Heck, and this is fair praise, they are on a par with Nicholas Creamery. Best in the world? pffffft