[Belmont, CA] Hungarian Heritage Festival


Going on right now in Belmont with Hungarian food and sweets.


How did you find out about this event? Is it an annual event? What did you have and how did you like the food?


I stumbled upon it by accident. I just saw a banner on the road. Unfortunately I already had a big lunch nearby. So I only enjoyed the musical performance before leaving not too long after for another commitment. Maybe next year I will try to find out more about the food.


where did you have your big lunch nearby at?

I noticed on a search for more info they charged $15 + service fee to enter for Adults, did you have to pay that?


Falafelle, on Ralston.

Apparently not. I guess I also stumbled into the fair without seeing any ticket booths…!

(Current location: Kuroshima, Okinawa :@)) :@)) ) #6

Great! Wish we have something like this here. I have to go to the source to eat.


I would have really liked to go to this, but I didn’t know about it. I’ve been trying to access their web site, but it says it’s not working. If anyone finds out how to get on the email list for future festivals, I’d love to know about it.


Yeah, the website has been down yesterday and today.

Here’s their FB page: