Bello's Mexican in White Plains

As much as I like the truck at City Park in New Rochelle, I figured I’d try a new place in White Plains. Lunch for one, so I ordered “Gringas” which were two flour tortillas, crisped on a grill, then filled and folded over. Each one was filled with Al Pastor, which was thin strips of pork that had been marinated (I’m guessing, but was very flavourful) and charring added more flavour. The pineapple was small cubes and not cooked in anyway, but added a nice sweetness to the dish. It was also filled with Oaxaca cheese,onions and cilantro. Two more ingredients to add as liked- guacamole, and sour cream. Two squirt bottles of green or red added even more flavour, and even the primarily liquid salsa that were on the table with chips, all added up to trying different variations, and I have to say, all of them were excellent, so I didn’t find a clear winner in all my variations. However, it was very flavourful and it was noted that “Al Pastor” was a priority in several dishes including tacos and I don’t think You could go wrong with that. They took over an Italian restaurant that was in the courtyard between the parking garage and Barnes and Noble. Would definitely recommend this new business. 8 city place