Bellingham WA

My home town is approximately equidistant from Seattle and Vancouver BC. So if you’re driving from one to the other, you will drive right past us. Of course, the town is small and cute and lovely, and is absolutely worth a trip unto itself. Especially in the summer. You can always message me for food suggestions in this area, but here are some to get you started. Because I promised to breathe a little life into the regional threads!

We have an astonishing number of microbreweries per capita. I think we must have 20 or more within the town limits of this 100K person town. I don’t drink beer but if I did, I would absolutely ride around with a DD or on a bike all day long, sampling, and go home with souvenirs.

We have a number of bakeries, but you cannot beat the Bagelry for –wait for it- bagels, the Breadfarm for loaves, or Mt Bakery for croissants. Any of these places would fit right in among the top tier bakeries in much bigger cities.

You can get delicious standard-y type sandwiches during the work week at Sandwich Odyssey, or delicious fancier types (European salamis, olive relishes etc) at Old World Deli.

We have some ridiculous good chicken, fried and rotisserie, at Bantam 46, a chicken place so serious about their foul that they named their place after a heritage bird.

Next door to Bantam, and same ownership, is Mallard ice cream, which is superior quality rich, dense, freshly churned on premises ice cream (as well as nondairy ices). They have your usual vanilla, choc, straw, but also cardamom, ghost pepper cinnamon, and lemongrass-kaffir lime. Rotating flavors.

If you like ramen, we have a branch of Muto, which has a Seattle location as well. It’s an izakaya that has plenty of hot Asian goodies, including karage, octopus fritters, curries, and mabo tofu.

We have a new fangled Mexican (Black Sheep) with beer in their queso and a sweet corn salsa, and as traditional as they come La Gloria, where the food is humble and delicious and the horchata is refreshing. They usually have a soccer game on too.

Teriyaki? Yep. Contenders include Hana, Super Duper, and even Blue Fin sushi. All are a generous portion about $10 and you can taste the char on the chicken.

Do you want dessert. So many bakeries. So many cakes. Pure Bliss has something for everyone. Saltadena is for the slightly more grownup tastes – a little less sugar, a little more subtle. Insomnia cookies in the Sehome Haggen plaza delivers cookies to you in the middle of the night, should you want that. There are also a couple of cupcake spots, a few pie shops. Your sweet tooth is well taken care of here.

And for the institutions that have been here forever – Boundary Bay – pub food and place to see and be seen. The food is pretty decent but won’t knock your socks off. Mambo Italiano is a place you can smell from 2 blocks away. Garlic garlic! Lots of tasty pasta dishes. Anthony’s Seafood – a good place to take your family and friends who like chains and don’t like things that are too unfamiliar. You won’t get any adventure here, but the view is marina gorgeous, and the food is solid. La Fiamma pizza. The place to be in the summers. Pre covid, an hour wait was not unusual. They have delicious pizzas, wonderful crusts, superior and varied toppings, even if they tend to skimp a bit on those toppings and leave too much crust unadorned.

Anyway guys, this is just for starters. Hope you visit, and hope you have a wonderful time here.


Fantastic post. Thank you for giving us the chance to read about the tasty food to be savored in your area.

Many wax poetic about well-trodden culinary paths (as expected). Yet I have a special place in my heart for the roads less taken.


I can practically visualize the food map!


Wonderful! Would love to visit there some time! Two years ago pre-covid (wow that’s a long time ago!) we made a trip to San Juans from Anacortes/ Burlington, though we didn’t have a chance to stop further north.

Just curious, do the locals visit Lummi Island? Or is that mostly for tourists?

Sometimes yes. I wouldn’t say it is only for tourists. Lummi and the rest of the San Juans are a nice day or weekend trip for us when we’re looking for some fresh scenery. Lots of folks bring their bikes on the ferry, or if you drive, there are plenty of round the island (for all of them) scenic drives, coastal access, and some of the bigger islands have little towns to do a bit of window shopping. I think Orcas and San Juan are the ones with the biggest town. Lummi, though, has a destination restaurant at the Willows Inn. They have one of these world acclaimed chefs that decided he wanted a quieter lifestyle and the ability to forage by himself the sea beans he puts on your plate. So lots of local folks go for a weekend to celebrate a big anniversary or such. Here is a writeup if you’re interested.


This makes me sad all over again about our canceled Seattle-Vancouver-Alaska trip. Thanks Covid! We are still looking for a good time and cruise itinerary to reschedule now that all participants are vaccinated, but it won’t be until spring 2022 at the earliest. Mallard ice cream, here we come!

I feel you on the cancelled trip plans. We were hoping to take the kids to Europe last summer as a high school graduation present. Now, who knows when that could happen. But when you do have a chance to visit, I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s a gorgeous part of the world.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold