[Bellagio/Lake Como] Need guidance

I’m taking a first and solo trip to Lake Como, staying in Bellagio in early September. What might be good food/where to eat. Happy to travel (i.e. ferry, taxi…no car rental) for a great meal. Suggestions?

I would say “fancy” is okay, but not preferred if there are good, family-run trattorias…that’s generally my preference.

Grazie mille.

Hi there, just making sure that no one on the board has any recommendation in the Lake Como area? I’ll pioneer, of course, and report back, but will happily take a recommendation to go or stay away, if you have one!

Hi, I just spotted your post. I haven’t been there in many years but had memorable (and very reasonably priced) meals at Albergo Silvio on the outskirts of Bellagio. The fish is caught fresh every day, the menu is imaginative and the ambience is beautiful, overlooking the lake. It’s a great place to stay, too.

I’ve only been once, in 2018, and had an amazing time and I have pictures of the food and the area but can’t name restaurants. It was so beautiful there.

We had breakfast at The Grand Hotel Serbaloni

We walked up these stairs to a place we had a nice fish dinner. I might have written a review somewhere, with a name, but it wasn’t life changing.

We also went on a little food tour, which ended on one of the islands, and had fish there as well.

We also had dinner at the hotel.

You could hang this sign on your door.

I think we also tried this place

Near here

We also went here.

I think that says Ristoro Forma $ Gusto


Great, thanks! Booked a table there for lunch, looks beautiful!

Thanks @shrinkrap! Your pictures are beautiful. I have tucked away your suggestions…the Ristoro Forma & Gusto looks nice for an evening pizza. I have reserved a few places now including Silvio. Will report back. Very excited to go. Leaving for London (finally) in a week, and then on to Bellagio!

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