Behind-the-scenes employee strife at TJ's

This came as a surprise to me. If the crews of the TJ’s stores I go to are being mistreated, and I sure hope they’re not, they are keeping up appearances.

Odd story for the NY Times. Lots of innuendo, few hard facts. Three contacts overall?

This sounds to me like a combination of poor managerial skills combined with a union who wants to use this single worker as a way in the door at TJs
That upper west side location is actually where i shop and i imagine working there is not easy because the store is day before thanksgiving style busy allll the time


I almost never go to Trader Joes since their specialty is packaged/prepared foods almost none of which appeal that much to me - except the green chile cheese tamales. Those I love. But there is nothing they sell that could really make it worth it to me to deal with the mob in that location. In fact the last time I went in there about a year ago I ended up just walking (well, taking the escalator) back out again because I couldn’t deal with the huge crowd and the general bad vibe that comes with a bunch of impatient NYC shoppers - people almost ramming into you with shopping carts, pushing in front of you to grab things out of the cooler or off the shelves, etc. I work with the public and I just can’t deal with shit like that on my own time. I don’t doubt that it’s a very stressful location to work in.


Simply courtesy is so 20th Century. :disappointed:


Ratgirl, I feel the same way. I’ll be doing some fill in work for my cuz who’s office is next to a TJ tomorrow but previously when I walk in there during lunch break I only manage to buy bread and cheese and maybe some nuts. The rest just has no appeal. I use so few packaged and prepared foods

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