BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?


Radiant Pig Junior IPA. This stuff is excellent. Purchased at Trader Joe’s Union Square, Manhattan.


I know this might be outside the purview of this thread, but perhaps folks might tag where they are drinking
Beer. So I know whether I have a chance of finding it.


Good idea. Edited my last post with location info.

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Village Sake, fairfax ca


I don’t normally drink sours but this was refreshing, on an unusually warm day, with salmon tacos.

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Love the clean design.

I do drink sours, mostly Boon and Cantillon. Used to drink a lot of it before it became a rage in the US. Now it’s more expensive and so much sought after it’s ridiculous. I buy it by the whole box these days. Hanssens sours have been harder to find in recent years, unless they have increased output to satisfy demands from the US.

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So Cal is our home base.

This was a nice IPA. Fresh citrus at the start and a nice bitter finish. Clown Shoes is DH’s favorite east coast brewery.

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Yesterday I had a Sly Fox IPA brewed for the local Wegman’s. It was tasty, but a little light for my taste.


The Peach Golsch was a little too sweet I thought. Peanut butter/chocolate is always OK if you’re in that kind of mood.

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Found ourselves in Long Beach today so we grabbed a bite and some beer to go from Beachwood.

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Awesome looking brewksies! Cool that you are also saying where you got the beer. I don’t know that many American breweries unless they are popular, which I sometimes read about on beer forums.

Too bad the peach Kölsch is sweet. The only Kölsch I like is Pfaffgen on cask at Pfaffen. Have tried many other Kölsch(-style) but they were rubbish.

I was in Long Beach, many many moons ago.

Have been drinking and got pics. Soon.

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Have been drinking more bottles than on draft. You people would probably scoff at European IPAs. Number 2 and 3 are “Netherlander” beer.

And from last week. Text on beermat: a beer does you good no matter what time of day. :beers:

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I wonder about this. DH and I will be heading to Germany in a few weeks (part work part fun) so we are interested in testing out a lot of beer!


Living for the last 16 years in the US (San Diego (beer capitol of the world) and Boston) but born in Germany (and lived there for 30 years and still visiting every year) I can tell you that the German beer scene isn’t any longer on the same level as the US craft beer scene in terms of quality and creativity. There are many things culinarywise we like still more in Germany than in the US but beer isn’t one of them any longer.

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It’s getting better. Check RB for beer listing of the town(s) you are visiting. Germans do (most) German beer very well so don’t scoff just yet. After all, we go to XYZ country to experience their beer/food.

Agreed. However, Germany doesn’t have such a “craft beer” scene like in the US (and some European countries) yet because it has only started in recent years. Their beer scene is a different kind of beer scene so can’t really compare directly. They don’t have a ridiculously huge tap selection like in most bars in the US but what they have is usually good, or very good. I am fortunate in that I have access to both craft beer and German beer, and I like them both.

At the end of the day I prefer a small town’s Brauerei Ausschank which has only 1 (one) beer (or 2) on cask, without a sparkler no less. Good food, reasonably priced, always full of regulars. One of these places is Neder in Forchheim (Franken). This kind of places warms my beer loving heart. And FYI, I’ve been to many places in Germany to drink, eat, and check out all things medieval.

Nice to have a German(-American) on here. We also have member @linguafood who is your compatriot and living in the US.

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Actually… the craft beer scene in Germany (Berlin, for the most part, but other cities as well) has been exploding in the last few years.

I’m decidedly a pilsner/lager gal, so couldn’t care less what crazy hoppy IPAs or other ales my compadres come up with… but it’s def available.

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Thanks all. We are all about enjoying the local offerings when visiting foreign lands! It’s beer, so what’s not to enjoy. We will be quickly crisis-crossing Germany (Düsseldorf, Essen, Stuttgart etc.) and will report back in a bit.


It is exploding recently in Germany but when I went over Christmas back to Germany and tasted about 20-30 different beers (lager, IPA, porter, stout etc) from different parts of Germany and covering many different small (Craft) and large breweries I again realized how underdeveloped (which is surprising for a country with such a history of beer brewing) the whole beer scene is in Germany, including lagers (which have such a long history in Germany)


Warmish weekend. Light wheat beer with recognizable and pleasant taste of watermelon. Put on summer list. strong text

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New Holland Cabin Fever Brown Ale. Holland, MI. 6.5 ABV. Listed on the brewery website as a Seasonal offering to be paired with roasted meats, Guyere and smoked cheeses. Very slight chocolate finish.

Nice drinker (personal opinion)