BEER - What did we drink (today/recently)?

I am down to my last two bottles of beer. :astonished: Both are Rochefort 10’s. I need to make a run to Wisconsin for more beer.


I was reminded the other day of beer runs back in my undergrad days in Boston. People would pile into a car on Friday and drive to CO to get COORS and be back in time for Monday classes. Can you believe we were desperate for Coors? How the beer scene has changed!

I may have mentioned in this blog before that in that era I was banned from the beer run because I once picked up a case of Schuyler beer that was on sale - a memorably awful beer.


Fort Point, Berliner Weisse with strawberries.
Subtle strawberry flavor, tastes like a sour, I like sours.


Coincidentally I also had a local strawberry flavored sour yesterday - Barebottle Sour Patch Super Shandy. I like sours too but sometimes a full pint of one is a bit much. This one was good.


^^I would like the label to be detailed like that. Actually, I want to see everything listed on all food/drink labels.

This “Vermont” session IPA is much better than their (Thornbridge) “Shelby” IPA I had previously.

I have had this imperial stout on tap many times but these days I am quite happy to drink the bottled version. I drank the beer after eating. (Meal in the background)

Forgot this “haul” last time.

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A pint of Pliny outside at Toronado, on a chilly grey Sunday afternoon in SF. My first beer at a bar/restaurant since last March!


Southern Bling from 3 Sons Brewing - Sour ale with mango, peach and salt

Pours very thick/viscous and has a strong peach/mango flavor but not overly sweet. There is a lingering sour note which gets stronger towards the finish. The salt helps to bring everything together. Excellent sour.


Fun label! Hard to find sours to my taste (always too sour or something is off) but this one sounds quite yummy.

Are you back in CA now? Must be nice to be living in IPA/beer paradise!

Miss drinking from the tap. Still haven’t been back to my regular pub since March 2020.

Your 5th beer? I see 4 other water rings table. :laughing:

:joy: just the one, maybe I moved it around a few times for a better shot.

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No, still in Boston for about 5-6 weeks before moving across country again but I am not sure if only the west coast is beer/IPA paradise - over time we are enjoying more and more good hazy NEIPA which are very different to your hop-forward IPA from California. In the end we are very open to all types of beer and are constantly trying out new once - we should post more of our recent ones in this thread

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Jamberry from Lamplighter Brewing Co (Cambridge) - New England IPA with guava and mango
Strong smell of guava and mango but the actual taste was much more muted than expected. Stronger on the orange / grapefruit flavor and less on tropical. Otherwise well balanced with some bitterness from the hops in the long finish


Fruit on Friends from Ingenious Brewing Company (Texas) - Berliner Weisse with strawberry, white chocolate, whipped cream and peanut butter
Strong upfront tartness with a great strawberry flavor. Followed by some earthiness from the peanut butter and brought together by some restrained sweetness from the white chocolate. Overall greatly balanced by the sourness of the Berliner Weisse in the background - very good stuff



Indulge Series - French Macaron (Imperial Stout) by Mighty Squirrel (Waltham)
Milk chocolate upfront with a strong flavor of marzipan / almonds (a bit too strong / artificial like benzaldehyde) and more subtle notes of vanilla, coconut and roasted malts. Overall great dessert-like stout which could have a bit more bitterness for balance.


Have you been to their beer garden?

Due to the pandemic unfortunately not yet - I really liked some of their beers over the last few months, e.g. Sour Face (different flavors), Cloud Candy, Mango Lassi.

Lollipop Forest from Deciduous Brewing Company (NH) - Sour with Blueberry, Blackberry, Plum & Guava

Very fruit-forward at the beginning with strong berry notes and hints of tropical flavors in the background. But it is nicely balanced by a strong tartness which grows towards a dry finish. Great sour.



Interesting. Did you trek to NH or could you find it in MA?

It was part of an order from Half Time as part of a beer festival

I’m pleased cans are now getting more and more popular but glass bottles still dominate the shelves. But, seems 99% of cans are standard size (about 33ml/11oz). Are the tall cans posted by Honkman US pint? I use this site to convert and notice US and UK pints are different again. Our bigger can is about 450ml. Can’t remember exactly but it’s under 500ml for sure.

Anyway, some of the beers I had lately.

I drink most beers from this brewery and only rarely get an unpleasant one. I failed to notice lemongrass as one of the ingredients in this one. Love lemongrass in food but in beer it’s unpalatable. Maybe it’s just me. There are “wild peach”, lime, plus lemongrass and ginger in this pale ale. To my taste they don’t work well. I suspect the lemongrass ruins it for me.

“Tropical” NEIPA. Drinkable enough that I drink it regularly these days. Free Goose Island glass when I got a few of their IPA deal one time.

My regular IPA finally comes in a can. I used to bring enough with me on holiday to where IPA was not common to find. Hitachino Nest glass I brought when visited Hitachino brewery in Japan.

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