Beer Label Appreciation

I’m starting a thread for beer label appreciation! Funny labels, eye-catching labels, cool labels, boring labels, well designed labels, badly designed labels, etc. Any beer labels of note.

This funny label is for Juice Never Sleeps, a NEIPA by Cellarmaker. The art is by fearandloading. There’s a bunch of fruit people working hard in an office. One of the fruit people, an orange headed person, is pouring themselves a glass of orange liquid (would this be considered cannibalism?) from a coffee carafe, presumably to caffeinate and prevent sleeping.

Here’s another label for a Cellarmaker beer - Tiny Dankster. Hold me close now tiny dankster (sorry). It’s an homage to the famous Elton John photo on his Greatest Hits album. Only Elton appears to be an anthropomorphic hop man on the beer label.


The labels from Barebottle out of San Francisco are unique in that they include the recipe for the beer on the label! Here’s one for Galaxy Dust.


Ralph Steadman for Flying Dog Brewery.

RIP Hunter Thompson.


Very cool!

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Uncle Burgie paid the bills while we were growing up. The days of 12 oz. cans.


Wow thanks for posting about this. I wasn’t familiar with this SF beer company. Apparently they shut down in the late 70’s. Cool looking labels! I found an article on them, the location of their brewery is now the SF Costco:

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“Raging Bitch” is the house brew at Chez Meekah…Because.

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:blush: I have so much Burgie memorabilia I don’t know what to do with it!

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