Beer Assistance needed [Somerville, MA]

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I am hosting someone who is here visiting from Austria. He is a food scientist who also does home beer brewing. One of the reasons he wanted to visit the Boston area is our “beer culture.” We are throwing him a party this weekend and would love to have some suggestions on locally brewed beers to serve with our Southern Georgia smoked ribs, and traditional sides. Southern Georgia BBQ is slowly smoked with a chili rub and a spicy mustard mop sauce. I don’t know beer at all.

What locally brewed beers should I offer to compliment this meal? And where would I find them? HELP!

Allagash White (
Jacks Abby Hoponius Union
also (not local but locally available, e.g. Downtown Wines in Somerville) or

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If you have a car, go to Craft Beer Cellar (closest ones are Belmont and Winchester). Tell one of the ladies who own the shop (Kate and I can’t remember her partner’s name) who I almost always see in Belmont your situation and they will set you up nicely. You can mix-and-match 6-packs so the combinations are endless.

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At CBC, you might also want to try Harvard Cider’s Missing Link. I think it only comes in a 24oz bottle. It’s hopped, unlike other ciders, so it’s like a blend of beer and hard cider.

Look for Trillium and Night Shift-local and great!

I always trust the brass section for Beer suggestions. Never fails me.

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Right on! :slight_smile:

What beers did you get and what did he have to say?

I chose to take him to Belmont and let him chat with the Craft Beer Cellar folks about our meal and his beer. They could not have been nicer. They suggested two beers: DockTime and VanTrapp. He only tried the DockTime last night and it was not “to his taste.” He also selected a Dogfish Head Festina Peche that he has had before and liked a lot. That was his choice during dinner.

Great suggestions. And the Craft Beer Folks have given their employees the weekend off and working the shop again today.

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