Beeliner Diner in Alexandria - Report

Brought to you by the same folks at Bread and Water Bakery, the Beeliner Diner is a new kind of diner, and the innovations are in its favor.

The middle of the space is dominated by a two-sided bar with a ton of counter seating. The seating looks like a bar you might find in a bowling alley. The do serve booze here including boozy milkshakes.

From the all-day breakfast menu we chose pot roast hash and waffles studded with bacon and cheese. The hash was luxurious tasting, I would say because of heavy use of palm oil. Thankfully not salty, the potatoes were cooked soft. The meat tasted like there was some background use of Jamaican spices.

The waffles were made with a really thick and crunchy bacon which made for a nice contrast.

On a Thursday night they were doing Bingo, so it leant an air of being far, far away from the big city. I was not about to play, but I did notice they were giving away some seriously great food prizes, including one of their 14" tall tower cakes…