" Beefing with 7, HK Style Cuisine " - A welcoming improvement to an already tasty formula

An appetizing, savoury, sweet and tangy single stand-alone dish, this ’ Tomato and minced beef stew with Macaroni in beef-bone soup ’ is a favourite luncheon treat amongst Hong Kong school kids…and adults alike! Around lunch time, one could see long lines of hungry students forming at hawker-stalls ( Dai Pai Dong ) awaiting their turn to get a bowl of this delicious, hearty creation.

’ Beefing with 7 ', a Hong Kong style cuisine eatery, specializing in dishes using beef as key ingredients, with branches all over the GTA, has taken this idea a notch further! By using their flavorful, diced house-special beef brisket in the recipe, they managed to elevate the original tasty version even further!

Today, for lunch, I ordered this dish for take-out. Upon arriving home, I noticed there was a distinct change in appearance to this dish when compared to previous version. An abundant of diced ’ carrots ’ were used in the tomato based stew?! Fearing the worse, I took an apprehensive spoonful and was pleasantly surprised! This ’ new ’ taste profile was even more delicious and complex than before…refreshing, balanced, less acidic, full of umami and tastier than their former version.

This is indeed a most welcome improvement. Cannot wait for my next bowl!