Beef soups at Jin Mi Ok, Santa Clara

Jin Mi Ok is a newish Korean restaurant in Santa Clara. Menu has 12 items, versus the entire Korean cuisine for many other Korean restaurants. Of the 12 dishes, 4 of them are soups based on various cow parts, 2 are hotpots, 3 are cold noodles. Sine the weather turns a little chilly, we had the dogani tang (ox knee bone soup) and the sul rung tang (beef brisket in broth).

Plenty of ox knee bone in the dogani tang. and they have cooked the bones for hours to extract much of the flavors and gelatin. Condiments included green onion and white pepper. Both soups weren’t salted. One was supposed to salt to taste. The lightly flavored soup provided a nice counterpoint to the more strongly flavored banchans. Soup was of a nourishing nature. Arguably we needed to wait till its even colder to eat them because it was a little too nourishing for me after drinking more than a bowl and eating much of the knee tendons.

I’d love to explore more of the menu here, given I generally have not had much success in exploring the Santa Clara Korean scene. Has anyone else tried this place?

sul rung tang :

dogani tang:

Google translate of the paragraph seems to describe the curing properties of the broth, but the rest is indecipherable to me.

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This place is a new, direct competitor to arguably the best sul rung tang in the south bay if not the bay area, Kunjip, also located in Santa Clara.

The place has been slow to catch on but is now getting more interest from the local community so has a chance to become very popular. The menu is almost identical to Kunjip and are comparable taste-wise as well.

Ah. Kunjip has been on the to-try list for forever. Interesting to know their similarities. How popular is Kunjip normally?

Kunjip is one of the most popular Korean spots in Santa Clara Koreatown area.