Beef Brisket Noodle Soup at Kau Kee [Hong Kong, Central]

I went to Kau Kee way back in November of 2018. Kau Kee is a well known restaurant in Central, famous for their beef brisket noodle soups. It’s also famous for the long line-ups to get in. I went here about 30 minutes before closing on a weekday after visiting Victoria Peak (it was around around 10pm), and luckily for me there was no line then.

I ordered the beef brisket with thin rice noodles (mi fun). Which may have been a mistake as they seem to be known for their E-fu noodles (flat noodles made of wheat). Nevertheless, this was quite possibly the best bowl of beef brisket noodles that I have ever had. Maybe it helped that I didn’t have to line up. The beef brisket was so tender and flavorful. I haven’t had any beef brisket anywhere like this in the US. The broth was clear in both color and taste. A little salty and also quite savory, it might have been helped by some MSG. The chopped scallions in the bowl added just the right counterpoint of sharp allium bite. The bowl itself is a little on the small side, so if one was very hungry it would be possible to order a bowl of noodles with clear broth and perhaps one with the curry broth which is also what they are known for.