Bearded One BBQ - Rt. 33 West, Monroe, NJ

We have been passing the truck for quite some time and decided to make a stop today. Every time we drive by the small parking lot is crowded, so people park on the shoulder of Rt. 33. They must be doing something right, correct? Yes, they are. Pulled pork sandwich, brisket sandwich, hamburger, mac & cheese & coleslaw, all were excellent. It is located right past Jersey Gourmet Farm Market & the car dealership. They accept cards if you happen to be passing by without cash on hand. My wife doesn’t normally eat BBQ, but she inhaled the pulled pork sandwich. They do have specials on their website. For example, ribs are Thursday and Saturday, but you need to order online to ensure you get them. I can safely reveal that I ordered a full rack to be picked up tomorrow afternoon. I get that everyone has their own taste buds when it comes to BBQ, well, food in general, but I highly suggest trying this place.


I usually prefer to get BBQ platters and not sandwiches. Love the JSBBQ Monmouth Trifecta. Bearded One only seems to offer sandwiches or “pints” of meat.

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Back a million years ago in 2019 when people actually commuted to work, I would pass this place a ton. Was this a hot dog spot previously? Glad to hear it was good, lord knows that area can use any decent restaurants. Looks like the Indian place was going strong pre COVID so hopefully these spots can hold on and start to build out aMy semblance of life around rhere

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There was a hot dog place there at one time.


Ty sir. Didn’t realize it was something new. If I ever go back to the office this will be on my list!!

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There are only two places in monroe twp eligible for a mobile food stand. The one we are talking about & the one over on Englishtown Rd. where Jackie had her hotdog stand. In case anyone wanted to know.


Tried their brisket today. Business was booming in their little parking lot in front of their roadside stand. I got a pint of their brisket (chopped, no option for sliced) to go, but they had set up two picnic tables on the grass nearby.

I tried it when I got home and it was really good bbq. No frills, just good bark and tasty, tender smoked meat. I’m not running back as it’s not convenient, and not cheap at $25 a pint for brisket, but they have no local competition so they should do well.


Tried the pulled pork sandwich at the Bearded One. Was excellent. On another occasion ordered several racks of ribs for a family get together. Not so good. Ribs were fatty and overdone, some racks better than others. Coleslaw was tasteless. Mac and cheese was ok.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold