BBQ [Austin, Texas]

Cross posted this in HTown BBQ, but I guess Austin deserves it’s own BBQ thread. :wink:

Let’s have your Franklin, la and Micklethwaite stories. Demerits to the first positive review about Salt Lick!

Just ran across this but I don’t know anything else about it.

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Valentina’s is my current favorite since it can knock out two things in one go for out of town visitors: bbq and breakfast tacos (not many places do better tortillas than them). Well worth going out of the way for!

As a local, I will only go to Franklin or La BBQ if an out of town person absolutely insists. Otherwise - there’s other spots in the east side with minimal to zero waits with nearly comparable quality bbq. I go to Kerlin BBQ the most often since it’s in my neighborhood and I’m a huge fan of the kolaches there. Micklethwait has the best sides out of any Austin bbq joint. J. Leonardi’s right down the street from Franklin is still somehow slept on and you can even walk up there at like 4 or 5 pm and get bbq.