BBQ and Trains Part 2 Luling/Lockhart Tx

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First Doobs no photos, the Ipad and Wifeacita left for the Valley an hour after we got home with she adding another 350 miles to the earlier 300.

Here is some incredible drone footage shot in Sanderson on the 3rd, I love the West Texas scenery.

We got to Luling and the place was slammed with hundreds of people.

It came through with it looking and sounding like a million dollar machine and the steam whistle was icing on the cake.

BBQ. No parking anywhere in Luling so we drove to Blacks in Lockhart where we’d been planning on going to go also.

We’d never been so we wanted to try everything. I’m going to compare this with City Market in Luling.

We got the Texas trinity of moist sliced beef, pork ribs, and sausage, plus a giant beef rib. The conclusion was we liked the brisket best at Blacks, the pork ribs in Luling, she didn’t like the sausage but I thought it had good flavor but did lack snap. The beef rib was great but can’t compare since City Market doesn’t sell them.

The stars were the beef items, as good as it gets. I briefly though about going to Smitty’s for a hunk of prime rib but chickened out as we had already slipped into meat comas.

Black’s is easy to find just follow the signs, Smitty’s is on the main road.


For the non-Texans, City Market BBQ is in one, (actually two), of those old buildings across the tracks at the end of this video.


At the end of the first video that’s the Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East, the greatest live rock and roll album ever.

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2nd greatest.
Live At Leeds will always be 1st.
Get Your YaYas Out 3rd.

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I will agree, to disagree.

I forgot to mention the sides. We quit eating sides with BBQ. It’s a waste of money and stomach space.


Now that theres Vulcan logic…



I meant to say million pound machine and the Wifeacita went to Valley with her brother, he made that hellish drive at night.

+1, Black’s for best brisket in Lockhart/Luling area

@jcostiones did you try the BBQ sauce at City Market. That stuff is AMAZING!!!

Forgot who I liked for sausage. It wasn’t Kreuz…

The train made a 30 minute stop in Luling and most people stuck around so there was no parking anywhere close to City Market. We’ve been there quite a few times and you’re right about the sauce, however we’re not huge on sauce generally eating a few bites without and a few drops on say a third. Sauce is not a deal maker or breaker for us.

So we went to Black’s in Lockhart and they also do a good sauce, the Wifeacita especially liked it. There’s a story behind the sauce.

Mr. Edward Black Jr. opened the current location in 1949, this from the website. The rest is what I’ve seen from Food Shows but can’t guarantee 100 percent accuracy. Mr. Black said something to his wife like mama these people come from up north and they want sauce. They kicked it around and did a lot of experimenting and came up with a sauce. Anti-climatic but that’s what I recall.

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In Kansas




…a few more.
Last one is from a longtime news photog.


Fantastic photos everyone! Thanks!


One last pic from the professional photographer…


Leaving Neodesha


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