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Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 steam locomotive is scheduled to be on display at the Amtrak station 11/7. This thing is huge weighing over a million pounds and is a must see for any train nut.

It’s coming thru Luling on 11/6 10-1030 am and passes right by City Market home to my favorite spare ribs. It also passes by Galvan’s in Richmond around 4, great brisket and beef sausage.

Weather permitting I, and maybe we are off to Luling that Wednesday. Anybody care to join? They open at 7.;_ylt=AwrJ7J6chI9dwZsA6yRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0NDJzaDk2BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQUJBQ0tfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=up+4014+schedule&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t-s


I got to see big boy once. Amazing sight.
I also remember riding the Katy to Texas and passing thru the Dallas yards, there will still a few steam switch engines working. Last time I saw them in a real world situation. That would have been
1960-61 timeframe.

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Ask me again a week out - too early to commit now but I would be interested.

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Gort just busted Klatu out of jail, just like an old west picture.

Word on the streets is they’re saddling up the spaceship and heading to Luling for Texas BBQ and trains.

Doobs, I’m on a website with a bunch of older and crazier train farts than myself and they’ll keep me up with any schedule changes.


Ok it’s less than a week but the weather looks good and we’re planning on it if my car will burst through the I-10/Beltway 8 barrier.

The train is supposed to be in Luling 10-1030 so we’re looking at 900-930 at City Market for spare ribs and a little brisket and sausage and eventually Black’s in Lockhart, a whopping fifteen miles away, for a little more brisket and a beef rib.

Train schedules are erratic at best but I’m certain this train has a bunch of Union Pacific brass on board and has priority over hot shot freights and Amtrak.

Train or no train we are going to eat beyond well.


If you miss it in Luling, it will be parked off Washington Avenue for a few days later in the week.

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Thanks, been on it for a while. It’ll be there on Thursday 11/7 from 9-3 and from what my train geek friends on the web say it could be quite the freak show even in Luling. Maybe I’ll just do a drive by that day as parking is limited at the Amtrak station which is just a small, miserable place.

We’re still going to Luling/Lockhart, I’m in need of a roadie.


Sorry I couldn’t make the trip. I’m looking forward to a report and pictures.

Can you believe how much development has occurred out west since you last sallied forth?


I am thus reminded that Jaymes is seeking a HO-down at Phat Eatery in Katy (Malaysian Street Food). Jaymes assures it is worth the trip. If we can’t get to it before the holidays now bearing down like that moster train, January is always a good time for a leisurely and spicy lunch.


… and a corresponding lack of waterfowl. The Katy Prairie was once home to hundreds of thousands of wintering ducks and geese now gone forever.

The Wifeacita was without her Starbucks and I could tell she was suffering, the blue highway sign directed us to one on Fry Rd and it hit me like a sledgehammer, everything I dislike about Katy personified. Signs, signs, everywhere a sea of signs with endless strip centers.

I’ll have details but that 300 mile roadie kicked my rear, me mind you the guy that drove by myself 700 miles from Palm Springs to Las Cruces NM in one day and 800 to Houston the next back in the 90’s.

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Yeah…In my more lucid moments it often occurs to me that we were all a lot younger back then.


Speaking of Katy, where’s @Jaymes? As Lambsy noted, we need to do a Phat Eatery HOdown.


The city of Katy has certainly failed in the development of Mason Road and Fry Road, they are visually polluted.

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We drove about a mile looking for that Starbucks, gave up and turned around. She finally found it set back from the road just before I-10.


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