(BBC) Why street food is making a comeback in Japan

Fukuoka is the only place in the country that still has street stalls.

Street food is alive and well in Korea. Busan has food stalls like in this article. I went in one to check it out. Food, booze and chatting with strangers.

I remember having yakitori at one of the street stalls near Shinjuku station in Tokyo in the lovely named Piss Alley. So there is some street food but in my time in Japan it was pretty hard to find.

I remember also seeing street food stalls near the temple, Asakusa in Tokyo, I bet the article is talking about food stalks that have seatings.

On one of my first trips to Japan, a friend who had moved to the US years ago happened to be back in Japan while I was there. He took me on a little food crawl, and we ended up sitting at an oden cart in the middle of the street late one night snacking on random items. It was delicious, but likely something I would never have tried without him. I’m not out late much when I travel, but I don’t recall seeing these carts as much in my later trips. How sad, if these oden carts and other food carts didn’t exist anymore!