[BBC] The diets cutting one in five lives short every year

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According to a new research our daily diet is a bigger killer than smoking and is now involved in one in five deaths around the world.

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That was confusing, as these articles always are. According to the graph the Chinese are even a little bit worst off than the Uzbekistanis. Weird food chart too - does “milk” mean dairy in general? Nothing about fish or other meats? Vegetables are missing entirely. Peculiar.



Very peculiar— I doubt the lack of milk/dairy is killing off that giant chunk of the world population with lactose intolerance!



Sure . My father ate salted meats and loved his sweets . Always said going out to eat is what’s going to kill you . Loved his root vegetables. I hope I make it to 93 .



Seriously, barely a word about sugar and no mention at all of Type II diabetes and its related ailments? How do you study diet-related mortality and ignore the biggest problem of all?


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Generally, “we” are told information/education is power. Yet, incomplete articles like these do little to guide anyone properly. Coupled with the obvious realization that this very large and ever changing topic requires knowing alot about your own genetics, current health, lifestyle, activity level and preventative medical care.

Listen to your own body, read food labels, make more foods from scratch, see a dr. when needed and be as active as you can. Amen.

Diet def. matters alot but so does wellness, attitude and how you manage stress. Have “we” evolved enough to see those self controlling habits as obvious?

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I remember seeing this article too. I think there are a lot of truths, but I also think some of the statements are a bit exaggerated. There are two other things are killing us and are easily solved. No, I don’t mean exercise (which is important, but difficult for many). The two other killers are: Not standing enough and not sleeping enough.