[BBC] Rising meat comsumption worldwide

Is meat consumption falling in the West?

Many in Europe and North America say they are trying to cut down on meat, but is it working?

Not really, according to statistics.

Recent data from the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) suggests meat consumption per head has actually increased over the last few years.

While we may think that meat is becoming less popular, US consumption in 2018 was close to its highest in decades.

It’s a similar picture with meat consumption in the EU.

Rapidly growing nations like China and Brazil have seen significant economic growth in recent decades, and a large rise in meat consumption.

I notice, in my travels, people in developing countries eat a lot of meat. In China it used to be a special occasion when a family got a whole (live) chicken. Argentina and Chile, it was too much. I couldn’t face meat for many weeks after the holiday.

I started cutting down on meat (at home) since a few years. These days only one piece of meat a week. One of the reasons is I love other non-meat things as well and want to eat more of those. However, I am less strict and have to adapt when travelling in another country.

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A pal of mine and his partner are both vegetarians. They went to Africa on holiday a few years back (not sure which country) and found it really difficult to find non-meat meals. It was either eat meat or go hungry. They ate.

S.Africa is one of the toughest countries to be a vegetarian/vegan. Being on a safari the food is cooked for the whole group at the same time. They should have done research and worked out the food part. Communication was not good then.

I loved game meats in Namibia. A safari (plus game meat eating and craft beers) in SA is on my list for a near future.

Did this in 2011. We had planned to go back last autumn but had to cancel as I was having some medical treatment. It’s back on the agenda for this or next year. We’re looking for a tour that includes a safari or two together with visits to the battlefields of the Zulu and Boer wars.

Ah, too bad, we probably go to New Zealand next year and SA the following year. Would be interested in your itinerary and choice of safari agency. (Could be done via PM at another time)