BBC GoodFood's new food words and terms

BC GoodFood (a British cookery mag) has revealed a list of new food words and terms that didn’t exist 30 years ago.


• Flexitarian (1990s) A person who eats a predominantly vegetarian diet, with meat and fish only eaten occasionally.

• Hangry (1992) When you feel irritable because you’re hungry (a portmanteau of angry and hungry). The first use was recorded as early as the 1950s but it didn’t enter common use until the 1990s.

• Pescatarian (1993) Someone who eats a vegetarian diet, plus fish and seafood.

• Gastropub (1996) A pub that serves very good food.

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We’ve subscribed to that mag since its first issue. It is hard to believe that’s 30 years ago.

Veganuary is new to me. I’m trying to find out how it’s pronounced. Which syllable is accented?

It’s new to me, as well.

I truly do not want a refrigerator that thinks it is smarter than I am, especially if it is.

Seriously my career has made me leery of IoT so no Siri, Alexa, or smart devices for me. No Cloud. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean “they” aren’t out to get you. grin More to point for me, care for security seems lacking. grump