(BBC) Burger King "cooks Impossible Burger on meat grill"

The lawsuits are coming. This is only the beginning? I thought they would use a separate grill or device for these products. If I were a vegan I would go to a vegan restaurant to be 100% sure.

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Well that didn’t take long to come true!

“A vegan walks into a Burger King…”

Just how stupid is this guy? Did he check that the French fires, onion rings, and hash browns don’t share a fryer with the chicken nuggets, cheesy tots, and mozarella sticks (note for the peanut gallery – I looked up the menu as I don’t eat at Burger King)? How about confirming no egg or dairy products in the salad?

The good news is that the chances of this guy dying of hypertension from eating Impossible Burgers is heightened. I just hope he hasn’t reproduced. sigh You just can’t fix stupid.

“A vegan walks into a Burger King…”


Seems like a legitimate suit if the are advertising it as “0% Beef”.

Having ordered it a few times…there are signs in the stores saying that they cook it on the griddle, and that they’ll prepare it in the oven to avoid contact with meat products on request.

The guy is being an arse.


An arse for sure. Opportunist may be an even better call.

This is why we can’t have nice things . . . .

I’m torn - on the highest level I agree that if something is advertised as “x”, then it should be “x”. So if they say it is vegan - certain expectations exist and it should be vegan.

That said, if “we” want to encourage businesses (especially huge businesses) to include more vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, then we can’t smack people down when they are trying but maybe falling short. Restaurants are crazy busy moving machines, it isn’t always easy to make these types of changes and I was impressed that they were trying.

There are exceptions to this for me - things like allergies . . . if you say nut free, then you have an obligation to be nut free. If you say your food is kosher, then you have an obligation to be kosher. I have plenty of friends that are one of those (don’t know anyone who is both) and they wont eat or change their order based on their “trust” level of the restaurant. So yeah - I can’t believe someone this opposed to meat would “trust” BK in this situation . . . . I struggle with these things, especially when they result in these types of litigation.


Wouldn’t you think that the Director of Test Kitchens at BK (if there is such a person) would be loud and specific about cooking instructions for this “burger”? Like: CANNOT BE PREPPED OR COOKED ON ANY SURFACE WHERE MEAT OR MEAT BY PRODUCTS ARE PRESENT.

The restaurants demographic targets were Vegans and Vegetarians, for pete’s sake!

BK wanted a slice of those burgeoning markets, but failed to put internal controls in place to assure the product would be handled correctly through the point of sale.


It is clearly stated in the stores that the patties are prepared on the meat griddle, but that on request they will be prepared in an oven where they will not contact animal products.

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They need the residual grill grease to give it that beefy flavor.


It needs something!



BK in the UK fesses up:

“The Rebel Whopper® is plant-based; however, it is cooked on the same broiler as our original WHOPPER® to deliver the same unique flame-grilled taste. Due to shared cooking equipment it may not be suitable for vegetarians.”


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