Bayou City Seafood Houston

We were going to Hebert’s for some stuffed chickens and Bayou City is in the same parking lot so it’s a no brainer.

Almost full on a Saturday afternoon and we opened with a seafood gumbo which was delicious with a nice roux base and rice properly on the side.
The only quibble was too many shrimp and no oysters although it was full of crab, a huge plus. An explanation on the shrimp we’re shrimped out and haven’t had any in about six months. It’s all about oysters and crab.

We had an app of catfish pieces, not as good as the erstwhile Magnolia Bar and Grill but still delicious.

We also had blackened oysters, go figure, that were perfectly cooked and very spicy. We prefer the one at Benno’s in Galveston but these are so much closer and will be returning. There was a choice of a side so it was the salad which was giant and full of cucumbers which had to be purged, no cucumbers for us.

An Hebert’s stuffed chicken is about to go in the oven and will report back.


Someone who is not NotDoobiewah once posted a lengthy comment on here about Bayou City as regards crawfish. I remember it being an outstanding take on the place.

How was the chicken and of which variety did y’all partake?

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Didn’t realize there is a Hebert’s there, I go to one on Dairy Ashford, which is not very big actually.

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I remember that fine piece of writing and at least part of the posse was involved.

With cooler weather we were able to fire up the big oven for the first time in about seven months. On Sunday we fed on a broccoli, rice, cheese stuffing and it was delicious. This bird will make over two meals for us at the low, low price of 13.95.

We also scored a crawfish jalapeno stuffed chicken and some crawfish fettuccini in a cheese cream sauce for consumption at a later date.

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Yep, been there quite a while. It’s been remodeled but they took out the hot food options which are now available only at the Dairy Ashford location.