Bayou City Seafood and Pasta [Houston, Texas]

Mom wants to go there for crawdads tomorrow. I’ve heard they were pretty good. I was in there for a late lunch a couple of weeks ago and an older couple were puttin’ them away! I asked and they said they were excellent. They did not however offer me one.

I’ve had some bidness in the area lately and have popped in a few times. We used to go fairly frequently when we were younger and took more leisurely lunches. They have a great lunch menu with about twenty different items paired with a side of choice. Here’s a link to the website and a direct link to the menu. The lunches are on page 5. I was there again yesterday and had the Blackened Snapper with Red Beans and Rice. Also had a side salad which is pretty dang good. Lots of veggies, (red onions, red bell peppers, carrots, etc.) with house made Thousand Island Dressing as well, I think. The Crab Cakes are pretty good as well.

Back in the day I used to get a half order of one of the pasta dishes, (page 6), which were also on the lunch menu. But alas, no more. I liked the Pasta Justice and the Pasta Apache, both listed as “spicy”. Go figure.

I’ll check back in this weekend and report on the mudbugs if indeed we wind up going.

For the sake of complete disclosure, my brother does NOT like this place. In looking for the website to link to above I clicked on their Yelp page which generally compliments the food but gives some dings for service including one incident involving the owner that is reported on several times.

I’ve never had an issue with the service but we typically go late and I’m more forgiving than most.

It’s just my nature.

I went there once after reading about it somewhere and being in the neighborhood at dinner time. As I recall it’s very old school and I generally love living in a different era occasionally. I enjoyed the meal, it seemed there were tons of “regulars” there. Let us know how the crayfish are there. I’m in a place right now that says “crayfish.” So, crayfish! My synopsis of the visit is under a Sweden post, but apparently it is not the season in Sweden yet. August is when they brine them and serve them cold in the yard with the neighbors. WHAT???

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As promised, stopped in with the fam yesterday for crawfish. Ordered a pound to start just to see if they met with Nana’s approval. They did, so we ordered another couple of pounds and then another. When all said and done, the Nanster declared them the best she’s had in quite a while and that we don’t need to go anywhere else in the future for the “craw-fix”.

That seems a bit extreme to me, but as long as she’s happy. They were a little bit tough to peel, (that’s not gonna stop her) but they were sufficiently spicy enough and that’s the important thing.

OBD had stuffed shrimp and thought they were pretty good. He gave me a bite of the stuffing, (I know what shrimp tastes like!) and I concur. I love a good stuffed shrimp and it’s a good one.

Service was good.

By the by, we saw Ziggy Gruber having lunch there also. He’s a personal hero of mine. I told him so. He didn’t offer to buy our lunch.

Oh well.

I didn’t buy his either.

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I’m still trying to catch his movie, Deli Man. It’s not on Netflix.

The fellas and I would go to Bayou City back in the day and knocking down five pounds each without blinking was the norm. Always good bugs, curious about the price. The wifeacita is heading to the Valley next weekend so it’s two buck Fiesta crawfish so I can make a moderately large mess with no hand wringing.

The wifeacita was also somewhat disturbed at the BBQ Inn meetup and the knowledge of you and OBD’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” I’ve got my favorite line cued up on dvr, from little Bobby,

“Gee Mr. Carpenter, I like you, you’re a real screw ball.”

I like to break it out sometimes to torture the wifeacita.

You two must have seen “Them!”

Polish Festival May 7 and 8th, we’ll be by the desserts.

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They were $7/lb as we were there during the all day “Happy Hour” on Saturday. Not sure what “Regular Price” is.

It’s worth it to us not to have to deal with the trash. When we were young(er) and mom and stepdad were hosting crawfish boils in the backyard, (and we had to drive to Winnie to get them), we usually figured on 5lbs/person. Never had any leftover either. Man those were great times and are still Mom’s gold standard for crawfish.

By the way, I distinctly remember the BBQ Inn meetup. I sorta remember talking about The Day The Earth Stood Still and that both my brother and I could recite the “Klaatu Barada Nikto” line, but I don’t remember Wifecita being particularly “disturbed” by it. Care to explain?

As for “Them”, wasn’t that giant mutant ants produced by nuclear testing in the desert southwest?

Please start a thread about the Polish Festival. Or even a general “Festivals and Fairs” thread. And then give us another reminder the week of.


I think amazed/bemused would be the correct terms for the movie, certainly nothing against you guys, she wasn’t expecting to find others with knowledge of that movie, especially at a meet up. She now has great knowledge of it thanks to my dvr that I play occasionally.

Them was indeed the nuked ant colony, a movie so bad it was great.

Well, the usual cast of characters convened on another rainy Saturday for fun and frivolity, (but mostly food and tomfoolery), and obliged the matriarch in her desire to consume numerous spicy little crawcritters.

As noted above, she has decided that Bayou City is her favorite so that’s where we headed.

Since little bro doesn’t do spicy, it was just Mom and I eating crawfish and started with four pounds. And a pitcher of beer. OBD had a cup of gumbo and a fillet of fish of some kind. The crawfish were mostly medium to large with a few smalls thrown in and perfectly spiced. VERY spicy. They were however a bit tough to peel. You needn’t fret though, we’re pros and did quick work.

At some point we struck up a conversation with a couple of gentile young ladies at the next table who were likewise busily putting away a few pounds themselves having already been so engaged when we sat down. They said they agreed that Bayou City had the best and when we admitted that we had driven quite a few miles to get there, they told us they had come from around Tomball for their fix.

We were about two-thirds through with our four pounds when they got up to leave and one of the ladies leaned over and said she had already ordered and paid for another four pounds and that we should enjoy ourselves.

Can you imagine? Talk about paying it forward!

So Ms. Andrea, (I asked the waitress for your first name so I could properly thank you again), “Thank you”.


By the way, our server whose name I did NOT retain somehow, (mumble mumble two pitchers of beer mumble mumble), was outstanding. She’s the tiny cute blonde and could not have been more personable or helpful.

We had a ball. (AND four pounds of spicy crawfish each.)

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I love Bayou City. Back in the day it was our go to crawfish place for the fellas and me.

The Wifeacita and I went with some work chicks before we started dating. We went after a second consecutive non-service and beyond at Woodrow’s. They had good crawfish but the lack of any attempt to serve customers was unacceptable. They’re closed now and I don’t miss them.

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That is just an awesome story!! Ya’ll are just such a loveable group. I have been to Bayou City once for fried seafood. It’s that really old school dining room right? It was packed when I visited late on a weeknight.

So far, I’ve only had crawfish at a private boil, and while limitless, they were not as spicy as I would prefer.

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I never went back after a similar experience, I mean they never came to take our order and didn’t miss us when we left. This was one on Shepherd. It closed and became someting else and is empty now I think. But down the way, a Little Woodrow’s has popped back up like a whack-a-mole. I hope their mission statement has changed.

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Drove down Richmond this morning. There is a new building going up at the eastern end of that center and the banner on the fence said it was going to be Bayou City - it’s gonna be 3 ti the size of the original. Nothing about it on the website.


It’s good to see they’re doing well, we sure don’t want to lose another good restaurant.

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