Bayberry Garden NYE 2023 [PVD, RI]

We went to early NYE festivities in PVD with not much planning (it’s so much easier to be spontaneous in RI compared with Greater Boston). However, we didn’t really feed Spring Onion before we left, and the food (and beer) options were all swamped at the pedestrian bridge. We saw Bayberry Garden from afar and decided to give it a try, walking in with no expectations. We’re familiar with the original beer garden concept on the west side but have never made it there. The kind host took pity on us and seated us at the kitchen counter with the promise that we’d be outta there in an hour. We had the Ora king salmon crudo (needed some finishing salt), some toasts with a luscious butter, and mushroom-y cacio e pepe. Server offered us a watered-down version of the pasta but we were like no way let’s go for it and Spring Onion loved it. Gelato to finish. Lovely Italian whites and delicious IPA throughout. The pasta station cook was exceptionally warm and kind with SO. Fireworks at 8:30 pm, home at our RI house by 9:30 pm in 20 minutes. Happy 2024, my dear GBA Onions!







I use this all the time! Such a good trick especially when eating with sprouts to score a table.