Bay Area Grocery Outlet - October 2015

Bay Area Grocery Outlet - October 2015

Always enjoyed hearing about what people find and enjoy at the local Grocery Outlets.

Berkeley on Saturday: 2013 Cline Sonoma County syrah, $4.99. Nothing special, just a solid syrah at a great price.

Thanks for the tip. A solid syrah at a great price is exactly what I’m looking for!

At Oakland this weekend they had a couple of Neuhaus chocolate bars (milk chocolate and milk chocolate praline) for $1.49.

The shelf-talker says it was specially blended for GO, but I can’t find evidence for this.

Hi Ernie,

I remember hearing that the Berkeley GO was closing or moving?
Anyone have any info on that?

Great to see more people posting from CH.

Yes, the plan is to tear down the building and put up yet another condo/apartment complex like the ones in surrounding lots. I don’t know what the schedule is.

I’d pretty much given up on GO wines, actually. There were too many that were flawed (mostly VA) or just not very good. Occasionally I’ll stop in when I’m in the area, and Cline is usually a good producer of inexpensive wines.

3-ounce Scharffen Berger Milk Chocolate with Sea Salted Almonds for $1.99, and Maranatha Raw Almond Butter for $3.99 in Palo Alto. Just moved to town from further up the peninsula, it’s fun living near a GO! Look forward to checking things out there once in a while to see what pops up.

Glad to see this thread, as i just learned that a GO is opening near me, in the old Cala/Bell/Delano space on South Van Ness:

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Was at the same GO location today and got a TCHO strawberry/rhubarb milk chocolate bar for $1.99, as well as New Zealand grass-fed beef jerky, 4oz for $3.99.

At Berkeley, I recently re-upped on the Kerrygold Ballyshannon cheddar. At $4.99/lb it has quickly become my go to everyday cheddar, if they have it at GO. As a cheddar, it’s nothing extraordinary, but it is quite good for grilled cheese, burgers, etc. I like it better than any of the $6-$7/lb Trader Joe’s cheddars I’ve tried, without regard to price, and much better than any of the smooth, under-aged supermarket cheddars.

Has anyone tried the Curran Creek 1st press olive oil made with a mix of Arebequina and two other varietal olives? It’s on sale for $6.99. I googled and they are a winery in Manteca.

I’d taste it but I have a cold.

Which location was the olive oil?

A Berkeley. I ran out of oil recently and Curran Creek seemed worth the risk at the price. Except for the Monte Pollino that they have from time to time, I don’t see oils that look promising.

Thanks for the TCHO bar tip–their flavor lab bars seem crazy, but they can pull it off. I recently saw this bar for $7, so I picked up 3 at the Richmond, SF GO. It is great.

I also grabbed a 2oz jar of Echo Falls wild whitefish caviar for $3.99. I haven’t tried it but have seen it at Whole Foods for double that.

According to grossoutwine, the Grocery Outlet Fall 2015 Wine Sale, 20% Off All Wine sale this year will be Wednesday, November 4th through Tuesday, November 10th.

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