[Bay Area] Cafe Fanny granola alternatives?

Cafe Fanny granola is pretty tasty, but its also rather pricey, and I don’t regularly shop at places that stock them.

Are there any good and similar alternatives that are wallet-friendly and relatively widely distributed?

I know I can potentially make my own. But time is at a bit of a premium these days. So if alternatives are available, I’d prefer to buy instead.


Next time you’re in SF, stop by Rainbow— including pricey Cafe Fanny brand IIRC, they’ve got over a dozen types of granola in the bulk bins. You can host a granola tasting party :slight_smile:

Bob’s Red Mill makes a crumbly (not clumpy) honey almond granola, it’s a good sized package too. The ingredients looks very similar. My not very good grocery store even sells it so i think it’s widely available. It’s vaguely obnoxious because you can’t reseal the packaging but i just transfer to tupperware.


I know it may not belong here, but just for a minute while I look.

Crisp Homemade Granola Recipe

I got nothing’s.

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Let me definitely look for it. Thanks!

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Yeah, I haven’t shown up in SF much in the last few months. But will certainly keep Rainbow in mind. Thanks!

BiRite has Cafe Fanny’s granola at both stores and also has its own even more expensive and even more habit forming house granolas, particularly the pecan and dried cherry version.

Cafe Fanny’s is also sold at Bryan’s.

Even more habit forming and even more expensive? I am covering my ears now.

Thanks though. I will check it out next time I am in Bi-Rite.