[Bay Area] Cafe Fanny granola alternatives?


Cafe Fanny granola is pretty tasty, but its also rather pricey, and I don’t regularly shop at places that stock them.

Are there any good and similar alternatives that are wallet-friendly and relatively widely distributed?

I know I can potentially make my own. But time is at a bit of a premium these days. So if alternatives are available, I’d prefer to buy instead.



Next time you’re in SF, stop by Rainbow— including pricey Cafe Fanny brand IIRC, they’ve got over a dozen types of granola in the bulk bins. You can host a granola tasting party :slight_smile:


Bob’s Red Mill makes a crumbly (not clumpy) honey almond granola, it’s a good sized package too. The ingredients looks very similar. My not very good grocery store even sells it so i think it’s widely available. It’s vaguely obnoxious because you can’t reseal the packaging but i just transfer to tupperware.


I know it may not belong here, but just for a minute while I look.

Crisp Homemade Granola Recipe

I got nothing’s.


Let me definitely look for it. Thanks!


Yeah, I haven’t shown up in SF much in the last few months. But will certainly keep Rainbow in mind. Thanks!