Bauer's Top 100 2017

Lower priced places like La Taqueria got added this year.

Vik’s Chaat? It’s been years since I’ve been-- is that even top 5 for chaat?

What are the good non pastry items at B. Patisserie/B. on the Go? I’ve never tried anything spectacular.

I need to try Souvla. The only thing I’ve had is their baklava Greek frozen yogurt, which is excellent

I don’t understand how Hong Kong Lounge II remains on there. Dim sum I had there last July was sloppy.

Kin Khao and Tartine Manufactory are good additions.

Izakaya Rintaro
Kin Khao
Tartine Manufactory
Single Thread
Vik’s Chaat
In Situ
Seven Hills
August 1 Five
B. Patisserie/B. on the Go
Tastee Steam Kitchen
Original Joe’s Westlake
The Saratoga
La Taqueria

Bistro Don Giovanni
Bravas Bar de Tapas
The Cavalier
Flour + Water
Little Gem
Madrona Manor
Ninebark (closed)
Old Bus Tavern
Range (closed)
Redd Wood
Sir & Star
Trou Normand
Volta (closed)

Been to Miminashi a few times. It’s extremely hit or miss.

I’ve had pretty much only great dim sum at Hong Kong Lounge II. What’s better for dim sum, other than possibly Dragon Beaux? Souvla bores me to tears. We’re on Divisadero a lot for some reason and my family always wants to go there. I guess sandwiches just don’t excite me. I wish Bauer would have been more open-minded about Motze, which he completely trashed. I have hesitated to write about it until I can go back for a second time.

I haven’t eaten savory stuff there. How does it compare to Bar Tartine?

I don’t want to knock Tastee Steam since I haven’t eaten there. But this choice feels like its on there because its one of the very few Chinese places Bauer’s gone to last year, but certainly there are more than a few Chinese restaurants better in the Bay Area than Tastee?

Huh, maybe we went to HKLII on an off day or got the dregs because we were seated in the overflow room nextdoor. It’s the only big group dim sum meal I’ve been to in the past year, but I’d put smaller group dim sum meals at Dragon Beaux, Koi Palace, and Hakkasan above it. It’s not dim sum, but he must not have liked Din Tai Fung as he went but never reviewed it.

Ha, on a weekly basis we veto Souvla gets vetoed because the menu isn’t diverse enough. Little Gem, which also has a casual, but more expensive and broader menu, approach got booted from the list this year but I’m keen on their food.

Totally different than Bar Tartine, which had different chefs and was more focused on experimental ingredients, Japanese / Eastern European flavors, and an emphasis on sour and umami/koji. There’s some of that at TM, but it’s more approachable and definitely California. Compared to Tartine Bakery, more items, less crammed chaos, shorter line two times I’ve gone. The coddled egg, Trout roe, za’atar toast is a killer breakfast item. I don’t care for Tartines giant croissants, but geneally like their other pastries and puddings.

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