Battello, JC closed

So the marine borers finally got to the pier on which Battello stands - the restaurant was closed on Thursday Aug 10th at 5pm under directions from the landlord indicating the place has to be repaired sooner than expected

Lot of canced events and weddings as a result - refunds galore of the events - investors must be hurting

The folks behinds Battello are anticipating re-opening up once the pier is returned to them - which could be around April 2018 - we’ll see

I expect we’ll see staff from Battello spread to the 7 winds - some will almost definitely end up at the various sister/ related establishments

crazy end to 3 1/2 years for hard work - fingers crossed they open again in April - and purely from a selfish perspective, I get served that enormous pork chop once more at the bar watching sunset on manhatten

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And finally Battello is open again… photos to follow…

That is some dedicated reporting!