Bath - Lunch spots?

Any interesting lunch spots in Bath or nearby?

The Talbot is a lovely old pub with good food last time I was there. It’s just outside the city in a charming village - well worth a visit:

Thanks very much… looks perfect!

When did you visit - I had a poor meal there some years ago…?

If you are heading into the countryside maybe consider the Pony & Trap - about the same drive time as the Talbot

I thought we’d stop for lunch on the way to Bath. Driving some extra miles won’t bother us. We don’t even want a huge lunch.:slight_smile:

You could try the Red Lion at East Chisenbury its very good. Its just up from Stonehenge so probably good for you if you go the M3, then cut across country to Bath or head up to the M4.

Thanks, Phil. That’s probably an easier place to stop. We do use the M3. The weather is really pretty sad for this time of year… very chilly.
I haven’t been a real tourist in Bath for about 30 years, so I was hoping for nicer days.

Thanks again for the tip!

We did stop at The Talbot Inn for lunch… rainy, awful day. The food was OK, but we thought it was overpriced for what we got.
We didn’t want a huge lunch so I had the Ploughman’s and my husband, just a bowl of soup. The portion of soup was quite small compared to other
places we’ve been. The place was full, and we got the last table so were grateful to be sitting down.

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