bartaco (Seaport, Boston) - meh

After a movie last week, I took my kids to the new location of the bartaco chain in the Seaport and was thoroughly underwhelmed.

The space is nicely decorated but a 4 out of 5 on the noise scale for those who care about that. They have a decent selection of tequila. It follows my least favorite playbook of small portions / high prices. Their guac and salsas are just OK. My kids liked that you got just a few big tortilla chips which you could break apart yourself. The tacos ranged from OK to just bad. The carne asada was beyond well done. No one even ate it.

I must be out of touch as this place was pretty full at an off hour.


Ugh, thanks for taking one for the team and letting us know.

What a useful summary. Thank you for the intel. I’m correcting my assumption that a taco-based concept, even if upscale, will have pricing that doesn’t shock me when I get the check.

I’ve found the food to be decent at the West Hartford location, though pricey. It’s continually crowded…and noisy.

I wouldn’t say the bill was shocking, but I was mildly surprised when it came to about $70 for 3 of us (2 of whom are children) and I only had one beer. Definitely expensive for tacos. The menu pricing appears to be a good value, but the price is per taco and they are on the small side. If they were awesome tacos I would have felt it was a bit pricey but likely returned.