Barrel aged manhattans?

I saw someone in another thread aging Manhattans in an oak barrel. Was hoping we could start a thread about it. I love Manhattans and drink them several times per week. I’ve never seen this barrel aged method before and I’d like to give it a try. Any advice on where to start?

I haven’t done it, so don’t want to rain on your parade. There are several internet sources for small barrels in which you can age whatever you’d like.

That said, my first piece of advice would be to order and drink several people’s aged cocktails. My personal taste is that I don’t like them. They change the flavor profile too much for me and it doesn’t work - in my opinion. So drink several and if it is your thing then just go for it.

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I live out in the boonies, unless I want a Coors Light I’m pretty much out of luck at the local bars trying to find an aged cocktail. I do wish that was an option though.

one source of barrels is
have not tried doing this myself but have tasted some that were good (depending on how long it aged i gather, supposedly need to keep tasting it to find the right amount of time). you could contact Jamie Boudreau of Canon bar (the barrel aged drink he makes in this video i have tasted at his bar and it was amazing)

We just finished off our first our first batch of barrel age Manhattans. DH scoured Amazon and found a barrel to try. He said tons of them got really bad reviews.
Went with this one…American Oak Barrel with Black Hoops- 5 Liter or 1.32 Gallons, by North American Barrel.

We followed the instructions to keep it full of water and wet it for a week or so before using. We have had zero leaking.

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I’ve done 4 batches in my barrel so far. Just pulled two 750s out this morning on my last batch as I felt it had passed the sweet spot and put my original aging bourbon back in to keep it wet. Will get another batch going soon

My 5 L barrel came from Barrels Online. I seasoned it with 2 handles of Evan Williams Black as well as a half a fifth of grain to boost the proof after it finally sealed with water. Have done a couple of batches with OGD114 and Antica vermouth 2:1. One batch was half bourbon half rye. I let it age 3-6 weeks or more. Tap into a shaker full of ice and bitters and let it get ice cold then strain. Manhattans on tap can get dangerous

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